Day 8 And 9 Of Our NCL Vacation Cruise - Days At Sea

Days 8 and 9 of our cruise were Sea Days as we were en route to Glasgow, Scotland from Reykjavik, Iceland.
The two days were filled with rainy and dreary skies, rough seas and windy conditions.
When we got up, we went to have a leisurely breakfast.
We then attended a trivia game activity, a flower making craft class, then relaxing up on the observation deck and then lunch at the main dining room.
After lunch, we went to the Stardust Theater to watch a magic show.
Veronica was chosen to get up on stage and assist the magician with a card trick.
I was so proud of her.
She didn't look the least bit nervous and enjoyed her moment of fame on the big stage.
After the show, we went back to our room to take a nap because tonight we were going to Il Adagio for our Anniversary Dinner.
By the time we got back to our cabin, the seas 7.5-12 foot swells and the wind was blowing at 46 knots and this was only the beginning of a very rocky 2 days at sea.
After taking a nap, Veronica and I got dressed up to go to our Anniversary dinner at the East Meets West Steak House.
We had a really good meal there...shrimp cocktail, salad, rolls crab cakes, 10 oz filet mignon and then a second anniversary cake. The waiters and others working in the restaurant came over and sang us an anniversary song. After dinner we stopped by one of the lounges where we played a TV Show music trivia game.
We then went back to our cabin and relaxed while the ship was rolling back and forth and side to side.
We slept in late on the following morning, knowing that we did not have any big plans for the day.
I was keeping track of the weather which got worse as the day went on. The winds were categorized as Windforce 10, with the winds blowing at 51 knots. By 9:30AM the winds were up to Windforce 11 with swells up from 17 feet to 20 feet.
A "Violent Storm" was mentioned a couple of times on the ships informative channel.
We ate dinner in the main dining room , which is on Deck 5 and we sat next to the windows. From our vantage point, we could see how rough and violent the seas had become and at times the swells rose just above the lowest height portion of the windows.
On this particular evening, part of the dining was set up for a chocolate was the official Chocolate Night in the main dining room.
Around 7PM everything calmed down because there was a large island that was blocking the force of the wind and swells.
Up until that point in time, people were bouncing off the walls of the corridors...going from one side to the other, they were "barf bags" placed at various locations throughout the ship for the people to grab and use and most noticeable was the lack of people in the dining rooms. I got a feeling that many people got sick and decided to stay in there cabins and order room service.
We then went to the Stardust Theater to see a multi entertainment production called Flash and Fever. There was plate twirling, juggling and acrobatics to name a few things that were in this show. The two people involved in doing this show had done their act at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
After the show we went back to our cabin and got our gear ready for an exciting day ahead of us tomorrow, when we take a shuttle bus approximately 1 1/2 hours drive into Edinburgh, Scotland.

Somewhere buried in that pile of blankets is the love of my life. 

Here we are all dressed up for our Anniversary dinner at the East Meets West Steak House

Below are numerous photos of the rough seas and swells the we encountered for around 36 hours

Here is the chocolate buffet in the main dining room during Chocolate Night

Not exactly the best photos but these were taken through the main dining room windows...very dirty on the outside with mist and salt from the sea

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