General Update

I have not been blogging much lately, as you can tell by the rather large gaps in time between posting dates.
There really has not been much going on lately.
I went to my doctors appointment and got great news on all of my blood work. All of the numbers were where they were supposed to be.
My T level was up on the high normal side so we are tweaking the amount of Androgel that I use daily.
My weight was where it had been on my last visit. No new loss...that was somewhat depressing but I got some new medication that should help with taking those last 8-10 pounds off.
I had previously mentioned that I was having problems with my upper right leg.
It seems that I strained my hip flexor muscles.
I was given some stretching exercises and told to ice the area heat, which is what I had been using all along.
The problem still lingers on but hopefully it will get better as time goes by.
Today I had a great workout.
I did 5 miles this morning and then did 4 miles on my recumbent bicycle.
I took a brief break and then did another 11 miles on the bike.
I just got back from walking another 2 miles...making it 7 for the day and I will do another 4 miles on the bike, making that 15 for the day.
Not bad for an old geezer.
We are down to about 27 days until we leave for our next adventure...the Baltic Capitals cruise on the NCL Sun.
Veronica and I packed up 1 suitcase so far. We still have several more to go.
Won't be long now.
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