Oh My Aching Back

Finally....all and I mean every single box has been gone through, emptied, broken down and taken out of this place....except for a few boxes that we decided not to empty...contents weren't needed.
My vehicle has about 40 or more boxes broken down in the back of it. I will be going to the Recycle Center first thing in the morning.
After dropping off of the boxes, I will return and load the RAV4 up with all of the movers wrapping paper. We ended up buying ourselves a new couch and a new dining room set.
Originally we were going to share an office and Veronica's craft room. Unfortunately after opening all of the craft room moving boxes, it became very apparent that there was just no way that our computers and computer related furniture was going to fit in with all of that craft room items. I could not believe how tight it was in there. It really was unbearable.
So after a real brief discussion and I mean brief, we both decided that it would be in our best interest to put our computer room downstairs in the 1st floor spare bedroom. This is the bedroom that we were using for some indoor storage of extra boxes and rubber storage tubs.
So this morning, Veronica and I got up early and moved all of our computer stuff downstairs.
It will be a while until Veronica has a chance to put her craft room aka "The Studio" together but when she does, she will have a room all her own for her artistic endeavors.
I think that I will try to just relax the rest of today because tomorrow I will be on the run again.
Below are some photos of our new place:

Here are some photos of or bedroom

Master bathroom

2nd floor hallway

Here is a photo of "the door". Behind this door evil lies. Actually, behind this door a real mess resides...at least for now...Veronica's art studio

3rd floor landing
Living room, dining room, library room and kitchen photos

This is our new computer room...rather spacious compared to the cramped room we were in and as a bonus....it will be much cooler in the Summer months

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