Busy With Preparations

I have been busy as of late, getting prepared for my upcoming surgery. There are quite a number of things that I need to get done before Tuesday. Some of the things that I am doing are being done in the hope that it will make life easier for Veronica while I am down and out. I have to be at the surgical center at 6AM on Tuesday morning...the 24th. Surgery will start at 7AM and the doctor should be done by 7:30. Then it is just a matter of me getting fully awake so that I can go home. I have already started to get my bed area ready since that will be my primary living area for a while. I went out and got me a lap tray that is actually a computer tray with a built in lamp and mouse pad. I can also use it as a food tray. I plan on stocking up on videos from Blockbuster so that I will have stuff to keep me occupied. I hate being bed ridden. I like to move around and not be stuck in one place for too long. Hopefully the time will pass quickly so that I will get to a point in the healing process, that I can put my walking boot on and move about some. In 6 weeks or so, this will all be just another one of those memories.
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