House Renovation Update

A lot has happened since my last update as far as our house renovation. All of our bathroom remodel related items have been ordered and we are waiting upon their arrival before stating that portion of the project.
Our kitchen cabinets, which were made in Ohio, arrived yesterday and today our contractor that is handling our entire kitchen remodel came by to check each and every item to make sure that everything arrived and that nothing was broken during the shipping process. As it turned out everything came in fine.
Our contractor is one of the best in the area and he is always booked up weeks in advance. We are not scheduled to start our kitchen remodel until somewhere around the 3rd week in September. The contractor asked me when I was planning on having the hardwood floors put in. I told him that it would not be until after the bathrooms and the kitchen are done. He told me that it would be best if I got all of the carpet out of the kitchen, which would make for a cleaner and better install of all of the cabinets. So with that being said I have another project that I need to do.
I started pulling up the carpet today, only to find old dirty and loose vinyl flooring underneath. The vinyl flooring is glue in some areas and not in others. If it were firmly glued everywhere than I would just leave it in and have a flooring put on top of it. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. So today I spent quite a bit of time removing a large section of the carpeting in the kitchen, pulling the carpet padding out, removing the tacking strips and then started to pulled off the vinyl flooring. The vinyl flooring is what takes the most time because I am trying to get as much of the paper backing off the floor in the areas where they actually glue the vinyl down.
Not only is there vinyl flooring in the kitchen but it also extends into the dining area. So I will need to prep the dining area after I get done with the kitchen. It could take me 3-4 days to get it all done, if not longer.
I will need to fit in some other projects when taking breaks from the carpet and flooring issues.
The next big project will be occurring on the 15th of this month and that will be getting an entire house full of new windows put in and we have a lot of them. That job will take the window crew a majority of the day. A few days ago we ordered our new blinds for all of the windows downstairs. We decided that since most of our living will be downstairs, rather than upstairs like it is now and has been during the entire time we have lived in this house, that we would make due with the window coverings that we have upstairs and not replace them.
So after the windows go in we will have a little lull in the action before the big projects start.
Here are a few photos of the cabinets...most still in their boxes for protection and also some photos of my ongoing job of removing carpet, carpet pad, tacking strips and the vinyl flooring in the kitchen and then in the dining room.
One thing I forgot to mention...all of our new lighting fixtures for the kitchen, dining room, "formal" dining room and the entrance/foyer area have been ordered and received.

Cabinets in our front room

This is our new pantry slide in. The top portion has a shelf dividing the space into 2 levels and the bottom has several sliding shelves that you can pull out for easier access for items that are in the back 

More cabinets in what will be our Master Bedroom

And here is my nightmare. Ugly and filthy carpet, padding and tacking strips are up next is the vinyl flooring

The start of a new pile...this one being trash

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