Update On Our Home Rennovation Project

What is that bright light that I see off in the distance? No it couldn't be. Ahhh but it is. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. Today the installers will be finishing up on installation of the flooring. Yesterday I had a plumber come in and install our new laundry sink and an electrician come in a install a whole house surge protector. Yesterday I also spent several hours cleaning the flooring in the 2 front rooms...what used to be formal rooms and I also arrange some of the furniture that was in those rooms. I will do some more floor cleaning and furniture arranging this afternoon. Tomorrow is another big day. We have some movers coming in and helping us unload the POD unit that has been sitting in our driveway for a couple of months now. The POD people will come by and pick up the unit on the 17th. Unfortunately that was the earliest that they could come by because of their busy booked up schedule.Once everything gets back in the house Veronica and I can take our time cleaning and putting everything away where we want it. We will be getting our new bedroom set delivered sometime next week.
We still have several projects to be done on the house but those will all be outside projects. We will be having a new roof, gutters and wrapping done on the house and shed. In the Spring we will be having the front of the house painted. Eventually we will be tearing out the old wooden deck and putting in a new deck using the extremely low maintenance TREX composite decking materials.
Here are some photos on how things look as of yesterday evening:


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