2012 Outer Banks Cancer Society Relay For Life

Tomorrow is the start of the annual Outer Banks Cancer Society Relay For Life event. The event commences at noon tomorrow and continues until 11AM on Sunday morning.
Yesterday I spent the majority of the day baking my special coconut cookies. After packaging 3 cookies per bag, we ended up with 125 bags. Each bag will be sold at $1.00 per bag and every cent made from the sales of the cookies will be donated to the Cancer Society.
Tonight we will pack the car up with everything that we will need to take with us. Tomorrow morning we will go to the grocery store to get soda, ice water and snacks for those of us that will be manning the tent and walking throughout the course of this event.
Unfortunately the weather outlook does not look to favorable. They are forecasting the temps to be around 69-70 degrees and there is a 40 percent chance of rain tomorrow and 50 percent of thunderstorms on Sunday.  It is also supposed to be windy both days, with the winds being between 15-25mph.
I am hoping that the weathermen are wrong in their forecast. Usually they are, so I am hoping that their wrongful forecasting streak will continue.
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