Day 5 Of Our Las Vegas Adventure

Well today was our last day in Las Vegas. We had a few more hotels that we wanted to check out plus we had tickets to our last Cirque Du Soleil show... O, which was at the Bellagio. Our tickets were for the 7:30PM show. After spending the day walking the Vegas strip, we got something to eat and then went to the Bellagio to see the show.This show was very different from other Cirque Du Soleil shows that we had previously seen. It was different mainly because much of the show had a pool and/or water features to it. Overall, it was a really good show. After the show we took the opportunity to take some night photos of the strip along with some videos of both the Vegas strip and of the water fountain show that is held out front of the Bellagio. After taking in the water fountain show, we headed back to our room to finish packing our luggage and to go to bed early. We needed to get up around 2:45AM so that we could get ourselves ready for our 6AM flight out of Las Vegas. I have not mentioned anything about our gambling adventures while we were in Vegas. In every hotel that we visited, we dropped a dollar into one slot machine. We didn't win anything that way. We did spend a little more time in a few other hotel casinos along with the casino in the Monte Carlo. Other than winning $39 playing some type of fishing slot machine, we were down a few bucks.On this last day in Vegas, we spent more time in our hotel casino and it paid off for us.I ended up playing a slot machine called Deal Or No Deal which is based on the television game show. It was a fun and interactive type of machine, which I like better than the ones that you just pull the lever or press a button.The slot machine I was playing was a penny machine. The machine ended up paying off for about an hour. We ended up winning about $100 from this machine.I cam real close to hitting it big time. I had about five 7s across the pay line and the sixth 7 was just below the pay line. Has that last 7 been on the pay line, I would have won a bundle but isn't that typical of Las Vegas...almost hit it big time, could've, would've and should've.

Everything looked different at night time.

Veronica told me that this was the place she saw on tv that had a $1,000.00 sundae. This sundae had gold leaf sprinkled on it.

Click on the photo to make it bigger. Check out those prices...very typical of Vegas dining.

This is the Rio Hotel, where Penn and Teller perform

We found this shrine outside of Caesars Palace. We said a prayer and then lit an incense and placed it in the sand that was in front of  the shrine

This is a photo of part of the Caesars Palace Hotel complex
The Ballagio

This statue of Siegfried and Roy was between the Mirage and the Treasure Island Hotels
I believe that this lion exhibit was in the Mirage

And here I thought that what was done in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. It might be hard to tell which way I was looking but you can use your imagination and probably be correct. I should know better than to leave the camera with Veronica.

Outside of the Caesars Palace Hotel complex

More photos of Caesars Palace

These photos were taken inside of the New York New York hotel complex

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