Thank You Dottie

Dottie from Holiday Floral Pieces gave me this award. Thank you Dotttie. It is greatly appreciated.

The Dog Days Of Summer

It seems awfully early, but we must be in the dog days of summer or at least I am. Lately the days have been drifting by one by one. Slowly and methodically. The weather remains the same, routines remain the same, news events remain the same except that the names have changed. Each day seems to be a carbon copy of the day before except for subtle nuances. Routines can be like your favorite recliner....comfortable, safe and always there for you. This day I need to do this and that day I always do that. On and on it goes. Each day blends into the next one like the paint on an artist palette. I yearn for some sort of excitement. Something to break the methodical ticking of my clock as times slowly moves by. But for now, on this very moment, during this very day, I will surrender myself to these dog days of Summer, knowing that change will happen on its own time schedule and most likely when I least expect it. So at least for today, I will relax in that comfortable, safe recliner that is always there waiting for me. Oh yes, those dog days of Summer must be upon me. And to think that it is only June.

To Veronica On Our 12th Aniversary

Today Veronica and I celebrate our 12th Anniversary. From the beginning...nights when we spent hours upon hours on the telephone getting to know each other.....the night under the street light where I asked her where she had been all my life....through the ups and downs of life's journey that we have taken together...the good times and the bad...through tough medical scares....travels and sights that we have shared....nit picking at each other....laughing with each other and at times at each other...through everything that we have experienced....the happiness that you have brought the renewal of our wedding vows while on our Alaskan cruise, I could not have picked a better friend, partner and wife. Thank you for the last 12 years and I am looking forwards to our future and all that we will share together as the hours, days, weeks, months and years go by. With all my respect, pride and love, now and in the future. Rick

Thank You!!!!

I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday well wishes. It is greatly appreciated.

Did Someone Say Birthday???? is that time of year for me to change the numbers of my age again. This annual ritual seems to creep up on me faster and faster as I get older. Seems only yesterday that I was 30. Ok, maybe not yesterday but the day before or maybe the day before that. Geesh I really can't remember when I was 40. Darn...I meant 30 not 40. I give does not really matter because they are just numbers. In my honor, let us all raise our plastic cups of pablum and give a birthday toast to me. Happy Birthday you old codger!!! Thank you Dottie for the Birthday wishes and graphic.

Flowers Of The Day

Here is the last batch of macro photos:

On The Floor Picnic And Caught In The Act

Now if you just read the title to this blog entry, you would think that I took a ride on the wild side over the weekend. I am sorry to disappoint but all is not what it appears to be. This weekend one of our local grocery stores was having a killer deal on frozen Snow Crab clusters. They were going for $2.99 a pound. Knowing a good deal when we see it, Veronica and I got several bags of the yummy morsels. 3 bags got put in the freezer and the other bag ended up being tonight's dinner. This bag had about 4 1/2 pounds of crab in it. We decided to to put a sheet on the floor in our living room and have an indoor picnic. Now I am not really familiar with the intricate talent needed to "properly" eat crab. So here was Veronica being all prim and proper, pulling out complete pieces of crab from various sized legs and knuckles and here I was with fork in hand and saliva dripping down the front of my shirt. It looked liked the 21st century human...Veronica vs. the Neanderthal I would shove the fork into the end of the leg piece and by moving the fork in a sideways motion, I was able to split the leg open and then using my finger, push the crab into a central location where I could squish it into a glob of crab and plop the glob into my mouth...all the while I had crab juice flying in all directions. I am very glad that we had thought about putting a sheet on the carpet before I went to battle with these crabs otherwise I would be steam cleaning the carpet after dinner. Before our dinner was complete, I had slowly moved into modern times and was actually able to remove some of the crab in whole pieces utilizing the 21st century method.
After dinner and the subsequent cleanup, I took the camera outside to see what I could find to photograph. Low and behold, I caught the flower munching varmint that has be clearing off all of the fresh growth from many of the flowers in our garden. With the amount that this critter has been decimating our gardens, I truly expected to see a 50 pound behemoth mega rabbit on steroids. Boy was I disappointed when I found this little itty bitty critter happily munching away, even while being caught red handed and not even stopping to give me a smile while being photographed. Now you are talking one bold rabbit without a care in the world....we are talking about some serious rabbit cajones. Yes Mr. Bunny...I am talking about you!!!!

Flowers Of The Day

Here we have more macro shot on a variety of daylilies:

Flowers Of The Day

Here is another Japanese Iris

The rest of the photos are macro shots of assorted flowers using both flash and no flash to obtain different shades and soften the colors

Macro Practice On New Camera Part2

I am really pleased with the following photos that I took using Veronica's new camera, utilizing the macro setting along with a macro lens. These are all of daylilies. Let me know what you think. Click on image to enlarge it.

Macro Practice On New Camera

I decided to spend a little quality time with Veronica's new camera. I wanted to see what I could do with the Macro setting and lense on the camera. These are all Rose Of Sharon. Click on each image to enlarge it. I promise you much better photos tomorrow!!

Flowers Of The Day

A couple of daylilies....different varieties


Here we have a Peruvian of my favorites

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