Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 2

Below is a couple of pictures of Inuchuk which is Inuit for "Image of Man".
As you can see there is NO ONE on the road for miles. The drive up 502 is about two hours long and you will not see anyone on the road. We only saw one car behind us for the entire trip and it didn't show up until we were about 10 miles away from Dryden. That means that we drove approximately 100 miles without having any vehicles in sight behind us and we saw only about 12 cars coming from the other direction during the entire drive.
The view from the car on 502. Lakes and Islands all along the way.

Solitude at it's best.

More photos of the Inuchuk along the road on 502 heading to Dryden.

Scenery along the drive on our way to the camp in Canada.

Right outside of Fort Frances Ontario there is a bridge that we pass over. Off to the left of the picture you will see the Northwest Outfitters which is a float plane business. They take people to remote lakes and camps. Here are a couple of photos of NWO- Northwest Outposts...They are a float plane company that flies passengers into remote fishing lakes and fishing camps where the only access is by floatplane.
A close up the outpost building
Rainy Lake

It was a very foggy day on the lake this morning.

This place is usually packed during the height of the fishing season but today it was dead quiet.

Rainy Lake in Fort Frances Canada

At the border crossing there is a paper mill that you must cross over.
On the building outside of customs they have art that reflects the feeling of Ontario.
I wish I had more of an opportunity to take additional photos of this building.
Rainy Lake on the Canadian side.

There is this great place called Border Bob's where you can buy dry ice and other provisions. They also have souvenirs.
We stopped for some soda and found this picture opportunity. Two beautiful dogs just relaxing in a car at the gas station. This was outside a small park at International Falls.

The bridge that joins Canada to the United States. This is where Customs is located.
Below are more pictures from Border Bob's.

Here is the outside of Border Bob's the last building in the United States.

More of the insides of Border Bobs.

Pictures of the Paper Mill in Fort Frances. Below is the huge airport in International Falls...... all one gate. This was a very foggy morning.
Border Bob's even says it is the last buildig in the U.S.A.

This is the Huge International Falls Airport. Wall art in International Falls

More pictures of the inside at the Chocolate Moose.

International Falls Airport.

Inside photos from the Chocolate Moose

Huge portions. This was Veronica's Breakfast.

The exterior of the Chocolate Moose building.
A bear trap hangs from the ceiling at the Chocolate Moose
The inside of the Chocolate Moose. The entire interior is all Moose related.

Stop by tomorrow for my review of day three.

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