Show Us The Money

On Saturday evening Veronica and I stopped by the drive through ATM machine at our local Bank Of America.
We wanted to deposit $450 cash into our checking account.
Veronica put her bank card into the ATM machine and pressed the appropriate buttons to make our deposit.
Veronica then placed the paper currency into the appropriate receptacle.
The ATM machine could be heard going through and counting the paper currency.
All of a sudden the machine started to make a beeping sound and the screen said that it could not complete the entire transaction and it spit out some of the cash.
We tried to straighten out the money and figured that the ATM would not accept the bills because the money was crinkled.
Because the machine was still beeping at us, Veronica tried to put some more of the cash into the machine while I was still trying to straighten out a few more of the bills.
While I was straightening out the last of our cash, the machine all of a sudden stopped beeping and the ATM screen was now telling us that this machine could no longer accept deposits and that our transaction had been canceled.
This was all fine and dandy with us except for the fact that the machine still had $320 of our money inside of it and we had no receipt nor anything else to show that we had that amount of money in the machine.
We left the bank with $130 in our hands and wondering if we would ever see the rest of our money again.
As soon as I got home I tried to call customer service at Bank of America. Unfortunately all of their offices were closed until the next day.
First thing in the morning the next day I was able to contact the Bank of America customer service personnel and was told that they would have the people that are responsible for taking care of the machines and all of the transactions that go through the machines, look into my problem.
So as of now Bank of America is doing an investigation into our lost money.
I was told that our account would be credited with the $320 on Tuesday and that this money would be available for us to use on Tuesday, which is tomorrow.
I did learn something interesting through this whole adventure...the people that work in the actual bank where this outside ATM is located, have nothing to do with the ATM machine.
Bank of America has someone else or another group of people that go around and make sure the machines are working properly and make sure that all transactions done through the machine and money that is collected and dispersed balance out.
This is where our money comes in. That ATM machine should have an overage of $320 when these people balance the machine out.
I was told that the whole process could take up to 45 days before we know that this issue has been rectified.
At least we have access to our $320 that will be credited to our account tomorrow.

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