Flowers Of The Day

Today was a scorcher. It got into the low 90s. Currently it is a cool 86 degrees. Haven't seen heat like this since last September. It is really early in the year for this type of heat. Tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 90 and on Tuesday 86 degrees. Then on Wed things will get closer to normal and much more comfortable...temps in the 70s. Veronica left today...flew to Detroit, MI for some training. She will be home really late on Thursday night. At least it will give her a break from my snoring, which has got really bad over the last year. When we get back from our cruise, I will have to go and find out what can be done to silence the foghorn. Below are some newly opened irises. Seems like each day I find something new that has bloomed.


Anita said...

Wow, what color those beautiful Irises are showing off! It's been in the higher 80's here for most of the month and is only supposed to get hotter! We sure could use the rain ourselves, but even with the clouds overhead...haven't gotten lucky yet! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful new week!

Dottie said...

Hi Rick as always your gardens are just beautiufl When you can hop on over to my Blog as there is an award waiting there for you . Have a wonderful Day.

Annette said...

Gorgeous Irises! They are my favorite flower. I only wish the blooms would last longer than they do.

Tanna said...

Gorgeous irises! Spring is better than Christmas to me... a new present every day! =)

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