Did Someone Say Deer

Here are a couple of photos that Ken Gauthier sent me. They are some deer that frequent his backyard. Ken told me that these deer have become family pets and that they have become fairly tame to Ken and his family. Thanks for sharing Ken.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, want to see tamed deers?

Check my blog

Si's blog said...

Great pictures. Would love to see tame deer.

But then there are the hostas and the garden and ...

Taught in Hilton Head for several years. Some of the plantations had herds of "tame" deer. Deer breed like rabbits. The herds got so big that gardens and yards - and cars - were devastated. When the vote came up for "culling" the deer herd, many voices were heard in protest. Kill Bambi! The option to catch and release elsewhere came up but no one wanted to increase the fees to accomodate that. They got a bunch of venison.

And they are in the same family as rats, you know.

Barry said...

Wow, that's an entire herd!

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