The Dirty Deed is Done

Hi everyone,
Well I am back at home from the surgery. Things went very well. I requested that they put mne to sleep before they even tried to shove the needles in my tongue to numb it up. They did that for me. I requested that they do a heavy duty suture job on me, to make sure that the wound would not open up and that it would help in speeding up the healing process and they did it. I requested that they give me a prescripion for some heavy duty drugs for the pain after the surgery and they did that. I felt that I was at Burger King and I could have the whole surgery my way. It was kind of weird...I was sitting in the chair and the nurse inserted a syringe into my arm...not an IV set up. I askled her if it was supposed to burn a little and she told me yes. I could hear the heart monitor in the background...checking on my vitals during the surgery. I was dreaming about fishing in Canada. The next thing I know, the nurse was waking me up. I asked her when the surgery was going to start. She laughed and told me that it was already finished. I could not believe it. Really a piece of cake compared to the last surgery. Being knocked out makes all the difference in the world. Got home and the first thing i did was eat some cold ice cream and some pudding. Then took a couple of pain pills and now I am just going to vedge for the rest of the night. I looked in the mirror at my mouth to check on the damage that was done. It did not look bad at all. It was definitely a bigger surgery...more meat taken off of the tongue but because of the really great suture job, it should heal fine. I am so thankful that the surgery has come and gone. Now for the healing process and looking foward to our upcoming trip to Canada. It is such a relief to have this behind me. An instant weight lifted from my shoulders. I will have to go back in a couple of weeks to find out whether there was any cancerous cells in the area that they removed. I am optomistic about the outcome. I was feeling stronger as the days had gone by from the last surgery and just plain feeling good about myself. I will go into the doctors office for the results being optomistic but also a little guarded...I have really bad luck on such things. Only time will tell. I will write some more tomrrow. Time to vedge out and get some rest. Until tomorrow...take care and have a great afternoon.

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Toni said...

Hey, Crunch Boy -- thank goodness for your blog, Miss V is being too cryptic on her emails, poor dear -- rush rush. I'm glad you're mood is up, that you got to direct the surgery, and dream of fishing in Canada instead of ... well, like last time. Pudding and ice cream sounds good, might have to serve that for dinner tonight. REST! RELAX!!! WATCH FISHING SHOWS ON CABLE!!! Absolutely no crunches until Monday, ya hear? I love you!

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