Getting Close Now

It's going on 12. I still need to take a shower. I am holding off on the shower so that I can get in there and let the hot water relax me right before we leave for the doctors office. This will be my last entry before we leave. Getting nervous now and I can feel my anxiety level getting higher. And for the first time in quite a while, I can feel that gnawing feeling body requesting a nicotine fix. Most likely caused by by my nervousness. It will pass. I will take some pills before I leave for my anxiety. Those should relax me for the surgery. I am really glad that I will be for the most part knocked out for the surgery. The less I know as far as what is going on, the better off I will be. Well everyone, time to sign off. I will see you on the flip side. Depending on how I feel, I will do an entry later on tonight. Wish me luck!!!

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