What A Crazy Year It Has Been So Far

 It has been a very long time since I have made a blog entry here. Veronica and I have been doing our very best to stay safe and healthy. So far it has worked out for us. We are hoping for the day that there will be a safe vaccine made to combat this virus. Even if and when they do make a vaccine we won't be jumping on board to take it right away. We will wait to make sure that they have all of the bugs worked out of it and that it is as safe as safe can be. Only then will we start hoping and dreaming of future travels and adventures in Europe. We did recently take 2 trips to Muncie, Indiana to visit Veronica's family.. It was very strange to be flying anywhere. The airports were really empty compared to what they used to be and almost all restaurants and shops at the various airports were closed.

While we were out in Indiana we took a few side trips. We stopped by Carmel, IN  and actually found the house that I lived in for a period of time back in the 1950s. We also drove through Old Carmel to see all of the changes since back in the day.

We also took a side trip to Brown County in Indiana and another side trip to Story, IN. I was interested in finding some old houses, barns, farmhouses etc that might be in the area. We found quite a number of them.

Below are some photos taken of our trip back to Indiana:

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