So Far So Good

Last Thursday, 3/19, Veronica went to work as usual. The day did not continue in the usual fashion though. The store never opened to the public and Veronica spent several hours closing up the store in preparation for a company wide store closing that is supposed to last until 4/6 at a minimum. So she has been home almost a week. Her company is treating their employees extremely well as far as paying them during these unusual times. The best news is that at this time we are virus free or should I say that we have shown no signs of having the virus at this time. We won't feel safe until we have made it to the 14th day of Veronica being home, which will be on 4/2. We have not been out since she came home that day except for a quick stop into a quiet grocery store for some last minute provisions. Previous to that I had been to the bank and a grocery store on 3/16. I went there load with antibacterial wipes and liquid sanitizer.
So the bottom line is that hopefully we will get to 4/2 without any signs of having the virus. At that timer we can breathe a sigh of relief but we must still remain vigilant and protect ourselves.
This time off gives Veronica some time to rest and relax and to get some sewing done. I meanwhile spend my days cleaning house, mowing the yard and soon I will be getting several shipments in of flowers and plants. Once I get all of the plants and day lilies planted I will order a pallet of mulch and get all of the garden spaces mulched.
I really don't like being cooped up in the house and the yard work and landscaping allows me to get outside, get some fresh air and still remain somewhat quarantined from the outside word.

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