New Lights Hung and Awaiting Painters

We have been very busy since my last blog entry. After a bit of stress and a few stern words to the owner, the drywall crew finally completed the job they were hired to do. Yesterday they worked hard and did everything asked and expected of them and completed the all of the drywall patching, caulking, mudding and repairing in preparation for the upcoming painting project that will begin soon.
The owner and crew worked very hard to make up for some issues that transpired after their first day on the job. But with that aspect of the work done I can honestly say that the interior of the house is as ready for the new paint to be applied as it is going to be.
We have had to move what was left in the house into the middle of each room in order to give the painters access to the walls and ceiling.
Yesterday we also got all of the electrical work done and completed. New lights everywhere along with new ceiling fans plus adding a ceiling fan into Veronica's sewing room.
I still have to move the furniture in our bedroom into the middle of the room and clean all baseboards and door frames in the room for the painters. I will tackle that job tomorrow. Depending on what day the painters start, I might be able to get a little more caulking done in our current bedroom and in the sun room. Everywhere else in the house has been done.
Our painting crew was supposed to have started 2 days ago but because the walls had not been fully prepped yet I had to call them and postpone the start of painting by a couple of days.
Here are a few photos of our new lights and the current condition and location of our belongings in each room. It is getting harder and harder to live in the place in the condition everything is in and really hard to find anything that you might need.

 I really like the lighting fixture shown below. It has LED Flame effect bulbs that flicker and look like they are gas lights

Our breakfast nook light

Formal dining room light. We will probably change out the bulbs. They have that yellowish look to them and we like the daylight look better plus they are much brighter

Below is our kitchen light. The interior is white in color which helps reflect the light but we are probably going to use a roller brush and paint it a similar color to match the outside color. We are also thinking about adding something to the outside  

New ceiling fan and gimbal light fixture. the ceiling fan is remote control. Also below are the rooms with everything put in the middle of the room for the painters

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