A Hummingbird Fiesta

We had some vicious thunderstorms roll through here early this morning. It was quite the light and sound show. Once it stopped raining the hummingbirds were out in full force darting here there and everywhere. It was like they were playing hummingbird tag. The hummingbirds even had a wasp try to get into their sweet nectar during a visit to the feeder. The battle was on between the hummingbird and the wasp. I was also lucky enough to catch 2 hummingbirds feeding and playing around at the same time. I decided to try to photograph them using my other camera that has a telephoto lens so that I could get closer. Although this lens has a 600mm equivalent reach, the camwera does not have quite as good of a focus system on it. You give a little to get a little.

An unwanted visitor decided to get some of the sweetness for itself

And before you know it the battle was on...no poachers allowed

Winner winner...sweet nectar dinner

I am going to tell Ma if you keep copying me!!

C'mon....stop it!!

Now you are just getting on my last nerve!!

Let's get ready to rumble

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