Let The Planting Begin Along With Updated Garden Photos

Not sure if I mentioned in my recent entries that I have started planting a few vegetables.
I planted our potato crop in 4- 8 gallon bags that are out on the deck along with 2 separate sections in my expanded circular garden area. I have plants popping up in all but two of the bags.
Carrots have all been planted with growth already popping through the soil in both locations. I have carrots planted in a plant box on the back deck and also in a small plot just next to the back deck.
I just got finished planting 5 varieties of corn in the main garden section. When all of the come up I will have a total of 113 corn stalks.
My plants from Burpee Seeds should be arriving here sometime this upcoming week which will keep me very busy until I get everything planted.
I ended up re-arranging all of the planters on the back deck to maximize the space better allowing more space between each plant and allowing for me to go between the plants for watering purposes and tending to each plant.
I will take a few more garden photos as time permits...hopefully today.
Update on the medical front...just finished getting my last Radiofrequency Ablation procedures done.
3 levels of my lower spine on each side. Hopefully that will give me some relief from the chronic pain for at least a little while.
Checking into have 2 additional injections done to deal with the sciatica issues.
Have a future appt set up to see a neuro-surgeon about possible options on my back  the would remedy my back issues for the long term
And of course I developed a new issue in my right shoulder. It has been rather painful for some time and has got worse more recently. It is to the point that I quit doing my weight lifting routine out of fear of doing further damage to it. I went to the doctor a couple of days ago to have it looked at at and there is a good chance that I have a rotator cuff injury. Working on getting an MRI schedule to confirrn the diagnosis and severity of the injury.
Hopefully it wont be a worst case scenario because with that type of surgery the recovery time is 4-6 months.
Have I told you recently that growing old really sucks at least when the body starts to break down.

Re-organized deck to allow more space between each pot

One of my several potato bags

Carrot patch

Temporary spot for some of the extra pepper plants

Another view of the in ground carrot patch

One of the in ground potato plots

Below is the new and improved corn garden

Various herbs and spices that I planted this year including oregano, sweet basil and something new that I am trying...chocolate mint...you read that correctly. Antually does have the scent of chocolate

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