Day At Sea And On Our Way To Split, Croatia

Today is Thursday, October 1st and it is a day at sea while we cruise our way to Split, Croatia.
We joined in on a small group tour called the Behind The Scenes Tour. We had gone on this tour 2 years ago but this time the tour was not as extensive as it used to be. With the aid of a guide we were able to go through one of the big kitchens on the ship, view the laundry area which was huge and quit impressive along with a look in view of the bridge area from a large window. Although we did not get to see near the number of places that we saw 2 years ago it was still fun. They escort you to locations on the ship where only the crew are allowed to enter. Gives a person an inside look at the inner workings of a cruise ship.
After eating a light lunch, we went to where they were holding a jewelry sale. Veronica found 3 bracelets that she liked and were similar to the Pandora brand that she has. We were told that they would be having the same sale on the following leg of our back to back 2 week cruise but that if we waited it would cost more to buy the items. Because we would be sailing to countries within the European Union a VAT (value added tax) would be applied. That meant a 22% tax would be added to the price of each and every item, such as jewelry, purchased on the ship. With that in mind we went ahead and purchased the bracelets.
After taking a nap and going to the casino to play some slots we went to dinner.
After dinner we went to another show at the Stardust Theater. This show was called Elements and it was the best show of the cruise..very interesting and well put together. It was almost identical to the Elements show that we saw 2 years ago but we still enjoyed it immensely.
With the end of the Elements showed came the end of our day at sea.
We needed to get some rest because tomorrow we would be visiting Split, Croatia. We were in Split on our cruise 2 years ago but unfortunately I was sick while we were in the city visiting. I was looking forward to seeing Split again...this time feeling much better.
Below are some photos that I took during our Behind The Scenes Tour and throughout the rest of the day:

This is one of the huge kitchens on the ship

Below is the laundry area which was huge. They had all kinds of different machines to do the many assorted tasks that are needed on a ship this size

The machine below blew air into the item hung on it in order to dry it and to keep wrinkles out

Some type of pants press

We then came to a row of massive washing machines

Of course if you have massive washing machines you need to have massive dryers...and they did

Washer filled to the brim

Many washers were assigned specific tasks as far as what should be loaded into them

The piles of sheets and laundry were unbelievable

They had special machines to press and fold the sheets

The Adriatic Sea has a beautiful color to it. When the seas are calm like glass the color seems to draw you into it...very welcoming and peaceful

My first double rainbow that I have ever seen and also my first to ever try to photograph. Not the best of jobs on the photography side of things. I had to play with the image a bit in my editing program so that it could be seen a little better. Hopefully I will do better next time but still cool to see two rainbows side by side

A good storm off in the distance

Tomorrow we will be in Split, Croatia

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