A Relaxing Wednesday On Our Vacation

Today we decided to take it easy. Originally we were going to Dollywood at 3PM and make use of their next day ticket special. We decided not to go to Dollywood on this trip and give Veronica a chance to relax and do her art projects while I used the time to hang out in the hot tub and work on preparing the photos and videos I took for posting on this blog.
We did get a chance to go to a place called Goats On The Roof. There we goats walking around on the roof. They even had walkways made for the goats to cross over the parking lot to another roof on a building that was on the other side of the parking lot. They had various contraptions set up where you could buy food for the goats, that was put in a ice cream cone...minus the ice cream. You could either hand crank the food up to the goats on the roof or get on a bike and peddle the food to the roof. The general store in the building was really cool and carried a lot of different items.
One of the workers outside saw me taking photos of this mama goat that just had two kids just 3 days earlier. He brought the mama goat closer and hand carried the kids over to me to pet and take photos of.
All in all it was a really good time to be had at Goats on a roof.
After visiting Goats On A Roof we did some shopping.
Once back at the cabin we just kicked back and relaxed.

You asked for it...now you got it....Goats On A Roof



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