Day #13 Naples Italy - Excursion To Sorrento Then Solerno And Then The Amalfi Coast

Today we had to get up early because we had a full day excursion planned. Today were were going by bus to Sorrento where we would have some time to walk around and explore the city briefly. We also would be stopping by and seeing a demonstration of how inlaid woodworking is done. For this we would be visiting the showrooms of a famous Ita;lian company that has been in the inlaid furniture making business since 1852- A. Gargiulo & Jannuzzi. We were also going to have lunch in Sorrento. After that we would be driving to Solerno where we would be boarding a boat and taking an approximately 45 minute boat ride down the Amalfi coast seeing several coastal towns and stopping at Amalfi for a visit before returning to Solerno by boat. Once back in Solerno we would stop off on the way back to Naples at a cameo making factory. Due to heavy traffic we did not get back to the ship until later than expected. We had a lot to get done that night.  We had to start packing up our luggage, we still had to eat dinner and then there was a show we wanted to see. It ended up being a rather long day but one won't soon forget. How often does a person get to take a boat ride up and down the Amalfi coast and see coastal towns like Positano, Minori and Amalfi itself.
Here are some photos from our full days worth of traveling:
On our way from Naples to Sorrento

Mt. Vesuvius in the background

More views of Mt. Vesuvius

More views of Mt. Vesuvious

Coming into Sorrento

This is a small open air car wash

Demonstration given at the inlaid woodworking  "factory"

They had an absolutely beautiful store. Everything was handmade 

Saw quite a few of these...nothing but a long row of motorcycles and motor scooters


More views of us coming into Soreento along with additional vies of Mt. Vesuvious




This is where we ate lunch at in Sorrento

Before the fork hit the plate there was a thin slice of chicken with some cheese on it, some potatoes and of course carots
Of course this was the best part of lunch...desert...some type of tasty gilato

Mt. Vesuvious with a cloud of haze

Heading to Solerno for our boat ride up the Amalfi Coast

On our way up the Amalfi Coast. Could not have asked for better weather




We passed several small villages on our way up the coast  


Arriving in Amalfi


Time to head back to Solerno

On our way back to Naples and the pier where our ship is docked

 We had quite a welcome awaiting us

 Here we are in front of the cameo factory that we stopped at on our way back to the ship

JC Sanchez welcoming us back aboard the NCL Jade

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ShersL84bed said...

Beautiful. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Its some place that I will never go, so I really enjoyed each photo.

Smiles Sher

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