Getting Ready For Our Fishing Vacation In Canada

Our fishing vacation is coming up very soon. We will be leaving here this upcoming Thursday night for a hotel stay in the Norfolk area. We decided to get a hotel there because it is close to the airport and our flight leaves at 5:40AM, which means we have to be at the airport at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours before that time.
We have decided to travel relatively light for this week long trip....2 suitcases. I have already packed up one suitcase full of fishing gear which includes both of our new sets of rain wear.
I will be taking all of our fishing reels in a carry on bag. I want to keep as much control over this bag as possible.
This one packed suitcase is just about at the 50 pound limit. We will be taking a second suitcase which will be mainly for whatever clothes we will be bringing for fishing on this trip. Luckily I left a couple of fishing pants up there the last time we visited.
We are holding off on packing this 2nd suitcase until probably around Tuesday or Wed night. We want to wait and see what the latest projected weather reports will be for the week we will be up there. We would rather pack once and have the correct weight clothes in the suitcase compared to having to re-do the whole unpacking and then repacking thing again because what we packed does not match the projected weather and temperatures.
Only 4 more days and we will be ready to head up towards Canada.
Hopefully we will come back with plenty of fish stories...both realistic and of course exaggerated plus plenty of great photos.

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