Round #3 Of Veronica's Craft Studio Remodel Is Completed

Veronica and I went to our local Walmart on Thursday evening to pick up her new piece of Craft Studio furniture....a large pantry style storage unit.
Yesterday I finished putting this piece together and last night we did some moving and making space for the new unit.
Within a matter of of minutes, this unit was almost packed full with rubber stamps.
Veronica liked this unit so much, we decided to order another one which will be used to store her craft paper.
The beginning of building these units always looks the same...a pile of parts and pieces

Below is the unit before I placed the shelves into it

An overall view of the new pieces of furniture

Another unit packed to the brim with Veronica's goodies 

Round 4 will consist of going back to IKEA and getting the final pieces of this remodel project.

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Vicki said...

Looking with envy!!

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