Veronica's Birthday Sneak Peek

Veronica's birthday is coming up in 11 days and yes she is actually still 29. I don't know how she does it but I sure wish she would share the magic with me. I have been working in the stealth mode on a special birthday project for Veronica's birthday. She had no idea that I had been working on anything but my tan until I slipped up and made mention of it to her. She is currently out of town but I had a chance to talk to her and I let her know that the project would be done this afternoon and that I would  be putting up a sneak preview for her. Just a little something  something to add fuel to her inquisitive nature. So here you go promised:

We will call that one curtain number 1..oh I almost forgot...we only have one curtain...silly me...but we do have a FREE drink at Starbucks for your birthday treat. And now for the last sneak do you mean its out of focus! Did you think that I was actually going to give you something worthwhile and spoil the surprise. You know that I am a better surprise gift giver than I can name this surprise in one about you

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