Our Solemn Visit To The Quantico National Cemetery

Veronica and I had the opportunity to make a stop that we had thought about making for a while now.
We stopped by the Quantico National Cemetery to pay our respects to no one specifically but to all that either are memorialized there or laid to rest there.
It was a rather solemn experience to say the least.
We found the grounds to be really well maintained, very quiet and very peaceful. Exactly the way it should be.... to honor all of these veterans, those that lost their lives in a war and the loved ones married to these military men and woman.
As I looked over the sprawling lines of headstones, I found myself thinking that each stone represents a real person..a real person that spent time in the military representing what our country stands for...a real person that gave their life while representing and fighting a war for what our country stands for and a real person that loved those that were in the military and wanted to be buried beside them.
It really hits home when you see those headstones and remember that each one represents a Husband, Son, Father, Brother, Mom, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Significant Other, Friend or any other part of the chain of human relationships.
Each headstone we saw holds some emotional meaning to someone else.
If you ever get a chance to visit this cemetery, stop, say a prayer and thank those that are either buried or memorialized there for their sacrifices.
Also remember that what you will see there are rows upon rows upon rows of headstones and what you are seeing is so much more than just headstones, but honorable markers that represent a loved ones life.
For more information about the Quantico National Cemetery, please click on this link...  United States Department Of Veterans Affairs

Veronica and I noticed that on some headstones they had a husband listed on one side and and a wife listed on the other side for adjacent resting places

There were many memorials to see and unfortunately I ran out of time to be able to photograph or visit each one

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Unknown said...

We really should still give respect to those people who gave their lives in order for us to attain independence. I'm proud of you two.
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