Bert Rises From His Crypt

Today I decided to go digging in some boxes and large plastic bins to locate some of our Halloween decorations.
Veronica had mentioned that she would like a pumpkin this year. I was not too enthused about the idea since it is still very warm here and a carved out pumpkin does not do well in the heat. I figured that it would last maybe a couple of days at the best and then all you have left is orange and brown pumpkin mush.
So tonight Veronica came home from work to a nicely decorated haunted ghoulish home.
And now....let me introduce you to Bert. His actual name is Bertrand but really gets pissed off when you call him this. Go figure....what stand up pumpkinhead wouldn't like the name Bertrand?
I found him in pieces in one of the large plastic containers that we use for decoration storage.
When I located him or should I say his head, I said "hey Bertrand, how's it hanging"
Boy did he get ticked off and he really lit into me.
He very strongly reminded me that I should either address him as Bert or that I shouldn't address him at all.
Geesh....hell hath no fury like a bodiless Bertrand.....I mean Bert!!!
Here is Bert in all of his new found glory.
He also decided that he wanted a sign put on him. The sign reads...."I'm Not Lost....I'm In Paradise"
I really have to teach him that he needs to stay out of our fridge.

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Vicki said...

Oh, "Bert" is freakin' priceless! He has two of my husband's favorite props...a cold beer and a golf club. I'm not sure what order he would list these, it may be a tie! Love the lounge chair and sign too!!

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