Update On Our Hotel Fiasco

I went to America's Best Value Inn web site where they had a contact/complaint form that I filled out.
Here is a copy of the text as written in my complaint to America's Best Value Inn:

Good afternoon,
My name is Rick Rosenshein. My wife, Veronica and I had reservations at one of your America's Best Value Inns. After reviewing the photos, availability and cost, we ended up booking a hotel room through BestFares.com. Our reservation was for Monday, 9/6/2010 and we pre paid $67.38 with tax. We were just looking for an average comfortable room that we could get a good night sleep before taking an early morning flight the next day. Based on what was presented to us online, we thought that we had made a safe choice. We had reservations to stay at the Americas Best Value Inn Virginia Beach Property Address: 5725 Northampton Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 US Phone: 7574649351 As soon as we entered the room, we smelled a very nasty odor that we were unable to pinpoint what it actually was. The room was very dirty and the carpets and bedding looked extremely soiled. We also found bugs crawling around in the bathroom and on the toilet seat. There were also flies in the room. We found this room to be totally unacceptable. My wife took the room key back to the gentleman attending the front desk (we believe he was the owner) and she explained to him what we had encountered in the room. The gentleman offered us another room but we declined his offer. We felt that there was no way that he could not know what condition that room was in and since we had pre-paid, if there had been a better room available when we checked in, he should have given the better room to us directly instead of waiting until we complained. We ended up walking away from the situation minus the money that we had pre paid for the room and ended up paying for another hotel room at a competitors hotel. Both my wife and I work very hard for our income and it was really tough to have to make the choice of walking away from a pre-paid room because of the shoddy way this hotel and rooms have been maintained. Since your America's Best Value Inn name is on this hotel, I felt that you should be presented with the knowledge of what level your brand name is being represented by this particular hotel. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in reference to this matter.
Sincerely yours,
Richard (Rick) Rosenshein

I deleted my address and telephone number from the actual complaint for the purposes of this blog entry.

Shortly after sending the complaint off, I received a generic confirmation.
Shortly after receiving the generic confirmation, I received the following email:

Dear Richard:

Thank you for contacting Americas Best Value Inn Hotel Group regarding your recent stay. Allow me this opportunity to apologize for the unsatisfactory experience at the hotel. All guest comments are very important to us. As a brand, we do not actually own the hotels that are licensed to use our name but, we are very concerned with and proactive regarding the manner in which they use our name in serving the traveler – you. Over the years, as we have grown to over 900 hotels in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we have developed a system for handling guest comments.

I have forwarded your comment to the property owner for an explanation, and input. Under the bylaws established by the Advisory Board, the property owner is required to respond directly to your complaint. We perform all of this work in the interest of establishing and maintaining excellent relations not only with our guests but, also with our licensee hotel.

I am sorry that you did not receive total customer satisfaction. It is customers like you that take the time to let us know where improvement is needed so that we may continue to provide you with quality guest services.

Best Regards,
Sandra Olsson, Director of Guest Relations
Americas Best Value Inn
by Vantage Hospitality Group, Inc.
3300 University Drive, Suite 500
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: (954) 575-2668 x-110
Fax: (954) 575-8274

As I told Ms. Olsson...the company may not own the hotel but the hotel is using the companies brand name and representing that brand name in a very unfavorable light.
I truly don't expect to hear anything from the hotel owner.
What could he possibly say about his hotel being in such poor shape with really filthy rooms and bugs everywhere.
The bigger question might be this...when was the last time that the company actually did an on site physical inspection on a hotel that carries their brand name? 
Based on what we experienced and saw, my suggestion would be this...if you are ever traveling and staying in an area where there is an America's Best Value Inn...go find comfort elsewhere because this brand is NOT your best value for your hard earned money.

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♥ Kathy said...

Like you, I would be so disgusted by the room that I would not stay and would take a loss. It makes me wonder how much money they've made keeping people's hard earned dollars and the people did not even stay there. Thanks for the heads up Rick. We'll be traveling again soon and will need hotel accommodations. This chain is off our list!

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