Time To Shake And Bake Me

It has been very hot and humid here over the last week or so.
I have still been going for my walks although it has been tough at times.
I just got back from doing 4 1/2 laps through our neighborhood. I will take a brief break and then go back out and do another 2 1/2 laps before wilting into a puddle of my own sweat.
Later on this afternoon, I will do another lap to end my workout routine.
So how hot is it?.....you ask.
Well right now is is about 9:15AM and it is 83 degrees with the humidity at 73% thus making it feel like 90 degrees already.
We have a heat advisory in store for us today.
It is supposed to reach 95 degrees but with the humidity figured in, it will feel like between 105-110 degrees.
Time to roll me in some shake and bake and throw me onto the street.
Even with all of the walking and sweating, I think that I have hit a plateau on my weight loss. I am going to have to do something to jump start it. I think that my night time eating has a lot to do with it.
If I don't eat anything after 7-8PM, I should start losing again.
I ordered some low carb bread mixes and baking mixes along with brown and wild grain rices. Trying to change my eating habits a bit.
I need to stay away from white rice, potatoes and other high carb foods...there goes my Italian and French baguettes from our local Harris Teeter that I do love so much. I could eat a whole one and call it a meal.
I will just have to find some healthier replacements.
I also order an inexpensive recumbent exercise bicycle. I will be putting it in our garage. That way I can vary my workouts a bit plus if it rains, I can still get a workout in.
I will also be getting some free standing weights..only 10 and 20 pounders. I can get some strengthening in and hopefully build up a little more muscle mass than what I currently have.
I was thinking about joining a gym but even the YMCA cost $69 a month around here.
I figure that it wasn't worth the money when I could buy a few things and have them easily accessible right here.
They will more than pay for themselves in 4-5 months.
Well, time to burn some more rubber off of the soles on my sneakers.
It isn't going to cool off as the day progresses plus I think I hear our community pool calling out my name.

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♥ Kathy said...

It's been really hot here too...you be careful out in it!

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