Passing Time

7 days to go until I return to my Podiotrist and get permission to walk again. Hopping around on one leg has got old. Even with the use of my 4 legged walker, the hopping tires a person out and it makes my hip hurt on the hopping leg. I have learned to improvise in order to get things done. It usually takes me about 1 1/4 hours to get through my morning routine. I take my time because there isn't much else for me to do. I roll around on top of he bed to make it...from one side to the other. Then hop around to get the comforter straightened out. Hop around to put clothes in the hamper. Hop into the kitchen to drop off any trash I have accumulated. Then I hop into the bathroom to take care of business there...brushing teeth next to the tub while sitting on a metal folding chair, then kneel on the chair for my morning wash up, then wash my hair, fold the chair up to make room, so that I can hop about with my walker. Hop...hop...hop...that's all I seem to do. I only spend a little while in the computer room and then off i go...hopping between bathroom and bedroom. I seem to be spending more and more time in the bedroom because I have everything located close lap top computer, food, drinks...all within a short hopping distance of my bed. I sure will be glad when I get the ok to start walking. When I do start walking again, I have to use a walking boot for an unknown period of time and because the walking boot has a sole that is higher than the sole on the sneakers that I wear, I had to get a product called an "Even Up". You attach this product to the sneaker on your good foot and it raises that foot up to the same level as the walking boot. That way you are not injuring your back, knee or hip and you are not walking all cockeyed or in a circle. Not matter what I have to use, it sure will be great to move around on my own two feet again. Only 7 more days of hopping left.

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♥ Kathy said...

Bless your heart...that would drive me crazy!!

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