Last of the Vegas Videos

This is a video of one of the atriums in the Palazzo Hotel

Here is a video from one of the fountains that is outside of the Palazzo/Venetian Hotel

Another video of the Palazzo atrium

Below are videos of the Treasure Island pirate show. Treasure Island was directly across from our hotel but because there are no crosswalks in our area, we had to walk a block down the street and then over the street via a pedestrian walkway. After the show was over with, it took us a good 45 minutes to an hour to get back to our hotel. The crowds were so thick that we had to wait around 15 minutes before we even started to leave and we ended up walking the other direction for a block and then over a different pedestrian that took us adjacent to the Wynn Hotel. The last 2 videos are the best...they have fireworks in them.

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