First Iris Of The Year

Hard to believe it is time already for the Irises to start blooming. Here is the first one of the year. It is in our front yard.

Here is an Azalea bush in full bloom in front of our house.
Closeup of the Azaleas.


Wendy said...


somethingcraftybydottie said...

Wow Rick what beautiful bushes and Iris, such a beautiful Yellow. yup it is that time of year in the
N.East now you have your home landscaped beautiful. you have done a lovely job.
Hugs : )

Theresa Cyr said...

Go even further northeast and you still have snow on the ground. I'm anxious for our turn up here.

Toni said...

rich lovely yellow ... what a total spring color, huh? Glad, too, the birthday bash went off successfully! Your Dad's photo made me smile ... I told V, he just looks like someone I would want to hug. Next up on your plate, a cruise, eh?

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