Not Sure What Words To Say

I have been doing this blogging thing for a little over a year now. I have people who seem to visit my blog on a regular basis. There are also blogs that I follow on a regular basis. And we leave comments on each others blog. We learn about each other from what we write and what we read on these blogs. Over a period of time, by reading each others blog and leaving comments, sometimes a bond is formed. A bond or friendship based on thoughts, ideas, likes, dislikes and just plain sharing things about ourselves and our lives. And to think that we have never personally met nor actually have spoke to each other. All of our feelings towards each other are actually conceived through the written word. Kind of amazing when you really think about it. And all of this brings me to this evening...this evening when I read on one of the blogs that I visit on regular basis, that someone I "met" in this world of blogs, got the news today that he has esophageal cancer. I found myself flooded with emotion. Strong emotions for someone I have never actually met but someone I feel a kinship to because of the written words that have been shared. After reading the news on his blog, I left a comment for him. It was a short comment that should have been longer but the words were hard to come by at the time. I wanted him to know how I was and will continue to be thinking of him and his wife, hoping and praying that all will go well for him. I wanted to thank him for sharing parts of his life and stories with me and the rest of us fellow bloggers that frequent his blog. I wanted him to know, that I know how scared he probably is, because I have been there before. I wanted to let him know that I am here for him, if he should ever need another ear to listen to him. I guess I just wanted to let him know that......I care and that he is not alone on this latest journey. I won't mention his name here or his blog...if/when he reads this, he will know this is for him.


Anonymous said...

Words are mightier than the sword. I have some really good friend online that I have never met, too.

I send your net friend all my positive energy and prayers.

Theresa Cyr said...

I too will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. I don't even know this person you're referring to, and I'm new to blogging and have only recently began following blogs, you're included, but I can't help getting a lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes just reading your beautifully-written message to him. I hope he reads it and knows how much you do care. God bless to both you and him.

Unknown said...

I hope that he makes it through it all. Wonderful of you to write this post.

My fathers girlfriend just had a mastectomy. She is only 35. Its a scary thing.

Through friends those that are sick can heel.

♥ Kathy said...

Oh Rick, I'm sorry :( I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers too. I've made a lot of good friends through blogging and I understand what you're saying because I love them all.

rainey said...

Yes, I know who you are talking about and know exactly how you feel. (Monday will be the true test to see if it's caught in time)
I believe I once said, "blogging family", that's the way I feel when I read you/veronica and the one you are talking about.
It is very hard to say just the right thing, but, I believe he is touched by all that have left him words of comfort. When he reads this, he will be as touched as I am.

Anita said...

The ability to form a kinship with perfect strangers, sometimes on totally different spheres of the planet, is what makes the whole internet thing worthwhile. I think it shows also that simple dialogue could solve so many of the ills we are faced with in the world today, and how sad it is that, for the most part, we refuse to take the time to "get-to-know" someone. I hope and will pray for your friend and his family and for you as well, so that should the need arise, you may be a pillar of strength to a friend in need.

Motor-head Lady said...

I'm so sorry for your friend.

We do form these bonds and emotions by sharing our thoughts and comments via blogging. I don't see how a person can stop a connection from forming.

I understand how you feel, I have lost a couple of online friends and even though we never met face to face, I shared a bond that was sometimes stronger than bonds I have with friends I've known in person for decades!

I too am sending my positive energy, thoughts and prayers to your friend.


Lilly said...

He must be encouraged by your comment and this post.
It is really amazing through communication on web connects people's heart together who used to be strengers.
I send my prayers to your net friend, too.

Tanna said...

The power of the word is amazing. Words can "make or break".

We could probably all learn to use more care and consideration with how we use our words.

I know your contact with your friend means so much. May you both be blessed.

Unknown said...

It seems we have almost come full circle. For centuries the written word was the only communication until it was replaced by telegraph, and telphone. And now we are back to the written word. Perhaps there is more significance to it than first imagined.

Toni said...

the blog community we build is a mighty sorcerer, in good times and bad ... we find the people we're meant to find, I believe, our 'kin' -- and this allows us to be there for each other, in the knit of each other's lives. I don't underestimate the power or energy of that one bit. Love and healing karma to your friend.

California Girl said...

Yes, I'm with you. I feel a kindred spirit with some of my readers and lots of the people I follow but that is probably why we become "regulars". We are kindred spirits in our separate ways. I can understand the pain you feel about your friend and I'm sure he's grateful for your support.

alphawoman said...

When people make the offhand remark about the friendships that are aquired through blogs, "No I mean real friends" kind of gets to me. The bonds we make through reading about each other and sharing are no less friendships than those we have with our neighbors and co-workers. Just different. Like the pen pals of old...I know that the support your friend will receive from his on line buddies will help him weather this storm.

budh.aaah said...

Hope your friend gets all the support, strength and love he needs at this time...and gets better
He already has a lot of it coming from you dera Rick.

somethingcraftybydottie said...

I don't even know this person you're referring to, and I'm also pretty new at this Blog thing too less then one year. and still have lots to learn, I am following blogs, you're included, but I can't help getting a lump in my throat and welling up tears in my eyes just reading your beautifully-written message. I hope he reads it and knows how much you do care. God Bless to both you and him. We too will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers.
Your A very Special Man just like your Veronica has said !

Barry said...

Unless I'm being totally conceited or there's a whole host of other bloggers out there with the same condition, I think you may be talking about me.

I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I am truly humbled by the depth and the quality of friendships that can be developed through blogging.

Your words at this time are enormously helpful! Thank you.

Diane KQ said...

It's been said that you can't choose your family, but with blogging, we kind of I understand your feelings, Rick. With 2 jobs I have to streamline my activities once in awhile, but I am loathe to "delete" someone I've been following! (Note: I said 'someone' rather than 'a blog'!)

In case someone here has not heard of, I HIGHLY recommend it! Without it I would not have known about the illness of a 'dance school mom' whom I hadn't been in touch with since our daughters graduated. It enabled anyone who cared about her to be at her side and facilitate a meaningful, beautiful celebration of this woman's life.

In regard to the power of words, from life experience, I find relationships are enriched when I don't sidestep someone's pain or problem because of the fear of being uncomfortable. Also, I don't purposely dismiss whatever is currently 'bugging' me because I read a wonderful book many many years ago by a woman turned quadriplegic who did not like people 'using' her condition as a sympathy gauge. She wrote that ANY pain IS pain (a splinter, a stubbed toe) and should be acknowledged within its context even if small and temporary because it still hurts. She was quite aware and accepting of the idea that people were thinking 'phew, glad it didn't happen to me!' and went on to have an extremely rewarding life.

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