Rough Night

Last night was a rough one. The pain pills that the doctor gave me, actually two different types, have been having no effect on the pain. I could not get to sleep until about 2AM. I woke up this morning and the right side of my tongue was swollen. Because of the location of where the sutured incision is, when it swells up, my molars rub against the incision. I end up putting a cold compress directly on my tongue trying to get the swelling down. This afternoon I am going to my regular doctor to see if I can get some heavy duty pain killers. I need to get something so that I can get a good nights sleep. I figure that by this time next week, my tongue should feel much better. I know that everything will heal up but it gets frustrating to have to wait until that time, especially since I just got done going through this a month ago. Two weeks after the last tongue surgery, I was feeling pretty good and the tongue was doing fine. I am hoping for the same results, within the same time frame, for this situation. Only time will tell.

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