Day #13 And Last Day Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #2

This is part #2 of our visit to Palma Majorca. Our discovery of this beautiful city continues:
 A quiet little bar in Palma
 An interesting tree with an unusual trunk and root structure

 Like in Barcelona, Palma had quite a bit of interesting architecture 

 A small cafe and other assorted stores 

 Everything seemed so colorful in Palma
 Street art leading into an underground parking lot
 More colorful signage

 Below is the most interesting and clean meat/butcher shop that I have ever seen
 Aged meat hanging on display with their prices 
 Never seen meat on display in such a clean way...almost like an art exhibit

 Below are numerous examples of street art, which is also used as advertising or business signage

 And then there is art just for arts sake

 Really cool looking building

This concludes part #2 of our visit to Palma. Part #3 will be posted shortly.

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