Where Have All Of My Subscribers Gone

I am not sure what is going on here in Blogville. Yesterday I had 473 subscribers and this morning I checked and now I have only 30. Was it something that I said??? Does my breath smell...I used Scope!!! I put on clean undies!!!! So what's up. It appears that quite a number of bloggers have lost quite a number of subscribers. They seem to all be from the Google Reader Feed. If you have subscribed to my blog via Google Reader, check and see if you are getting my latest feeds and let me know if you are or if you aren't getting my latest updated feeds. If you aren't, you might want to subscribe again. Hopefully Google will fix the Google Reader feed problem soon.


rainey said...

Maybe they're all on a bus coming to see your garden.
We know your breath is as fresh smelling as your flowers. lol This is smell-a-computer, isn't it?
Must be something wrong with the system. Hope it comes back, am sure your followers are a loyal bunch.

murk_core said...

something's happening with system I think.. Just yesterday I'm ranked 83 at topblogarea today their all gone.. I'm beggining to think it's that conficker c virus said to begin attacking by april 1st that did it or something..

Dottie said...

Good evening Rick gee I have no idea what could have happened. but I didn't get my regular alert when you post.I sure Hope I am still on your list. if not let me know and I will make sure I come back and become a follower again.
Our Youngest Daughter doesn't like the google reader at all she has been blogging for yrs and she doesn't even like Google/Blogger to blog on. she said the blogger that she uses is much easier then this one and it does a ton more stuff for free.
I will be back soon have a wonderful Weekend you and Veronica.
Hugs, : )
♥ ♥ ♥

Penny said...

Subscribed again, just in case. Blessings, Penny

C.M. Jackson said...

we are here waiting and reading...don't worry about the tech stuff "just keep doing that voodoo that you do!" Sorry just watched "Blazing Saddles" and wanted to make you smile--we will find you--keep writing--


Sally's World said...

pretty sure its just the system, this happened to me (on a smaller scale) and I accused my friend of deserting me...but he was still getting the feed, it just wasn't showing up on my computer....it then just reappeared a few days later...and i had to aologise (urrghh!)don't worry, i'm sure your breath is minty fresh lol!!!no one's deserting...

moonshin said...

hear! hear!
i agree with murk_core. heard something about a virus too... Yikes!
no worries...at least, you know i'm staying. lol! maybe i shouldn't laugh...sorry...

happy days

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