Getting Closer

Veronica and I are getting closer to our cruise...only 9 days and a wake up before we fly to Seattle and then take the big ship to Alaska. We are both looking forward to going to Alaska but with all of this Swine Flu.....ok I can't call it that because all of the pigs and piglets will get ticked off and really try to do a number on humanity plus by calling it the Swine Flu one of us humans might think that we can get it by chowing down on some nice bar-b-qued ribs. So let's call it what it is....H1N1 Virus. Personally I don't care what those cheeseheads in the think tank want to call it...I call it a concern for us. I am excited about going to Alaska but also rather concerned about being on several airplanes, in several airports and on a rather large vessel with about 3,000 other people that I don't know. Being in that close of proximity to that many people really kind of concerns me. All it takes is one person to sneeze in our general direction in order for us to catch something. Or maybe someone that sneezed into the palm of their hand, blew their nose and then wiped the excess onto the back of their hand. This would be the same person that touches everything in sight and never washes their hands except when some shower water might accidentally stray and hit those 2 paws, on its way down the drain. I guess what I am trying to say is that my health and Veronica's health depends upon all of these other people using common sense and proper hygiene. I know what I am supposed to be doing but do they? I have been around long enough to know that double dipping a nacho into sauce comes right after a good healthy full bore deep throttle nose digging for iron ore. I know that I should not make light of this but I am doing it because I might be just a little scared. I just want to go on vacation without having to worry about everyone elses hygiene and habits and how it might effect others. I do know that before boarding the ship, everyone has to fill out a questionnaire about ones current health or any conditions that might need to be brought to light prior to leaving. Now remember that the ones filling out the questionnaire are the same people that spent thousands of dollars for this cruise but neglected to purchase travel insurance. Let's see...diarrea...nope.....aches and pains....nope....cough...nope...fever....nope....trouble breathing...heck No!!!! I think that you catch my drift. And before you ask me that question....yes we did pay extra for travel cancellation insurance. So Saturday morning, 5/9, Veronica and I will visit 3 airports, be on several airplanes and the next day board that crowded ship. And during this whole time, I will put my faith in God, hope and pray that we both get through this vacation Swine Flu free....ooooppppsss.....I mean H1N1 Virus free. I also hope and pray that everyone out there stays safe and healthy.


Dottie Seubert said...

Hi Rick:
First why not just go and enjoy your vacation with Veronica, and what will be will be! as we have no control over what other people can or will do. They all know what they should do. But the question is will they even bother to do it? So again go have a wonderful time and trust God.
Hugs: )
PS: You still have something over at my blog waiting for you !

Literary Nut said...

Just keep washing those hands and taking the other precautions and I'm sure things will turn out just fine! Enjoy your vacation and please don't forget to take lots of pictures to be able to show off to all of us here!

Anonymous said...

You should wear a mask. I'm sure it'll help.

tiffinyandfriends said...

With your past health issues I understand your concern. I wish for you to trust your immune system and the knowledge that the few cases in the U.S. have been mild.
It's good to blog your concerns to get them out of your system and then just go and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Tanna said...

May God bless and keep you and Veronica.

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