Slow Loading Blog aka Sloth of The Internet

I have been receiving some comments and emails about my blog loading up rather slowly. I just made a major change that should help with quicker loading of my blog...I reduced the number of posts on my first page from 30 down to 10. I recently added several features that you might have noticed. Some are on the right hand side bar column and others are at the end of each post. I also have many other features that load up...the music player along with all of the photos. I just went through and dumped some features in an attempt to have my blog load up quicker. I hope that this helps. If it doesn't, please subscribe to either a feed or get my blog updates via can get it either with or without the pictures embedded in the feed or least I believe so. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. PS- If you have dial up internet blog will load up very slowly for you because of the amount of graphics and data that needs to load up...dial up internet is slower than cable or dsl, especially with the loading up of graphics.


♥ Kathy said...

Luckily I haven't had any problems :)

Bernie said...

I have not had a problem with either your's or Veronica's blog loading slow. I enjoy them both so much. I love your first song, Lean On Me, I may add it to my playlist. Keeping me informed with different issues is what brings me back to your blog Rick, it is very interesting and Veronica's is not only informative but I find it educational. Love them both. Bernie

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