Photos From The Past

I found a couple of more photos from way back when:
Here I am with my Mother and my sister. This was back in the late 50s, in Carmel, IN.
My Bubby and Zady. Not sure exactly when this was taken but I can tell you it was a long time ago.
Another picture of my Bubby. Take a look at that stove..they sure don't make them like that any more.
Here is my 3rd grade class picture. I am the one right next to the teachers...can you say "Teachers Pet"
This was our house in Wickford, RI back in the early to mid 1960s.
Here is a photo of our living room in the house. The furniture wall hanging is pretty wild.


♥ Kathy said...

Those were really nice pictures Rick..thanks for sharing them. I love that old stove...wish I had one just like it :D

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture with your mom and you. She is so beautiful.

My Story said...

Love your family pictures. I am putting together 2 heritage scrapbook albumns for my grandsons with many very early photos. Some from the early 1900s. I don't know your family situation, but I advise writing in soft pencil as much information as you can on the backs for future generations. A nice gift. Tiffiny
ps: great new skins!

dragonesque said...

Great photos. I love pouring over memories from the past. I've also recently dug out our old family slides and have added capturing them electronically to my To Do list.

Sally's World said...

I love old photos, it makes me feel so connected to my relatives, even the ones i never knew...i found a photo of my great great grandmother a few years ago, and i could have been me!!!

if you look at a photo of the five generations on my mums side, we could be any one of us...i showed my little sister one of my mum at her age (21) and she was shocked...

CIS said...

Dude, thanks for sharing those. I love looking at old photos. Doesn't matter if I know the places or the faces. I like that old stove as well.

Toni said...

I love these kinds of photos ... look at your smile! I actually like that wild wall hanging, kind of chinese junk-like ... the house looks AWESOME!!!!

Dottie said...

wow brings back lots of memories, the living room picture reminds me of My bedroom when I was little. I know back then it was very expensive and they sure don't build homes like that any more.Rick your so very lucky to have them all. I asked for our old pix from MY dads ex wife after Dad passed but she would not give them back. she was never a nice person. but your collection is wonderful cherish it always. I still miss not having ours.
say Hi to Veronica she is a sweet lady

California Girl said...

I get such a kick out of your family photos. I wish I had mine but I think my brother has them. I probably wouldn't scan and post anyway because I am lazy. You come from such a Fifties family. Me too. My mother's family is from Indianapolis but I believe I've mentioned that before.

minha literatura agora said...

Very beautiful pictures indeed.Your blog keeps on with the highest quality.Congratulations from Brazil.
By the way,the first picture is amazingly wonderful.
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Emily said...

Hi... I am an avid reader of your blog. I am young but I like to consider myself a little bit of an "old soul". Your posts make me happy and give me a break from the easily-aggravating talk of the normal person my age.

I wanted to say that your pictures are lovely, and I especially loved the first one. I was very interested in the ones of your old house though. My grandfather lives in Wickford (in Duck Cove)and I was wondering if you knew the area. I was surprised when I saw the tag of the picture... I didn't realize that you had lived in RI also

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