The Passing Of My Dad

Veronica and I moved to the Virginia Beach area approximately 4 years ago. We made the move so that we could help take care of my Dad as he grew older.
Our Dad passed away on 4/21/18 after leaving his home to go to his Saturday dialysis appointment.
He passed away 2 days after we celebrated his 89th Birthday.
This house is awful quiet without him being here.
Dad...we love and miss you!

Gardening Season Has Finally Begun

I finally got everything planted in my gardens.
Corn is coming up, tomatoes have been transplanted outside, sweat peppers have been transplanted outside and into their pots on the back deck and potatoes are growing like crazy.
Here is what everything looks like as of Saturday, 5/5/18:

Tomato Cage Has Been Finished

I finished my tomato cage. I had to pick a nice sunny area to put it which ended up being close to the bird feeders. Since birds like to pick at and destroy tomatoes I had to build an enclosed area. I used some left over fencing...both metal and plastic and then used some metal stakes that I had laying around and finished it all up with what I call "flex cuffs"...those plastic fastener things. The tomato cage will hold 4 big outdoor plastic pots, which will yield enough tomatoes that i will be giving them away.
Here is the finished cage:

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