Thursday, December 8, 2016

On The Mend Again

A couple of weeks back I had a biopsy done to the left side of my inner cheek. It has finally healed up and I received the findings from the ulceration caused by trauma.
In layman's terms I grind on my cheek with the last molar while sleeping.
Then on 12/1 I I had surgery performed on my bilateral hernias. I most likely waited a bit too long to have these 2 hernias repaired and I am now paying the price for that decision. Today makes it a full week since having the operation.
This operation was performed by a doctor who used robotics to complete the surgery. My doctor made 3 small incisions..once above my belly button and two additional incisions to the right and left of my belly button. From those small incisions everything else needed to perform the procedures were done through those incisions.
For the last week I have been dealing with quite a bit of pain, swelling in my stomach, scrotum and testicles. On top of the swelling and pain is the bad bruising that happened as a result of my surgery. Everything looked bruised from my swollen and distended stomach down to my nether regions. I go back to my doctor for a followup exam on 12/19 along with having my permanent crowns being put in place.
I sure know how to show myself a good time.
Here are the photos we took just last night showing my swollen bloated and bruised stomach. The 3 incisions were closed up using some type of surgical glue.

Just prior to my surgery

A couple of views of my bruising. This type and coloration of this bruising everywhere South of the Border and I am not taking about the tourist mecca where interstate 95 and US Highway 301/501intersect in Dillon, SC

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Back From Vacation And One Medical Issue After Another To Be Taken Care Of

Veronica and I are back from our 2 week vacation in Paris. I will be loading a bunch of photos on here in the near future.
Since our return I returned to my dentist and had my temporary crowns put on....the lower center 4 teeth. These temporary crowns are one piece. When I get my permanent crows in they will be 4 totally separate teeth with space in between each tooth.

Now I can actually smile without being embarrassed. It will take some getting used to since it has been years since I felt comfortable enough to do so.
Then on the 16th...3 days ago...I went for an appointment with my oral surgeon to have a biopsy done to my left cheek on the inside of my mouth. I had a sore that kept returning so I decided of discussing it with my doctor to have a biopsy done on it. I will find out the results in about 2 weeks. The oral surgeon used heavy duty sutures to close the would up. Now I feel like I have a bunch of string hanging from the inside of my left cheek. I was told that the sutures would dissolve in about 2 weeks. 
Next on my agenda is a double hernia operation which will be done on December 1st. I had my pre-op meeting with my surgeon this last Thursday. This operation will be completely done via robotics with my doctor running the command center.
And last but not least...approximately 3 weeks after my hernia surgery I will return to my dentist to have the permanent crowns put on.
Hopefully by the start of the new year I will be done with most of my medical issues. The only other issue that I might have taken care of would be my trigger fingers...on my right hand the finger next to my little finger and my middle finger lock up on me. The procedure is fairly minor...a small incision in the palm side of my hand to loosen the tendon which will heal up in about 2 weeks and allow my fingers to open and close smoothly again.
Hopefully that will be everything for quite some time.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Better Late Than Never

Unfortunately as a kid I never was able to get Orthodontic work done on my teeth. Had I got braces way back then I might not have some of the issues that I have now.
This is one of those embarrassing blog entries that one wishes would never be made public but like some of my past blog entries such as my Prostate Biopsy entry, I consider this a PSA type of thing.

After 61 years of devoted service, this is what my teeth look like. As you can see the bottom teeth are a mess. Even after wearing a night guard for about 2 decades it just wasn't enough for my teeth to wear down, become jagged, be a different heights and in the case of those 2 bottom teeth...become nothing more than little nubs.
Earlier last week I noticed that something was going on with one of those little nubs. I ran my tongue over my left toothy nub and it felt like a piece had broken off and was a little more sensitive than it usually was.  Since we would be going on vacation in a little over 2 weeks I decided it was time to get into the dentist in hopes that they could slap on some sort of patch or filling type material that would buy e some time until we returned from vacation.
I was lucky enough to get an early morning appointment with my dentist. After a few glimpses and an xray or two it became clear that my options had become limited. There was some brief talk about pulling the front nubs or possibly the front lower 4 teeth and then get a bridge. Although a bridge would have been much cheaper than the other possible option, after discussing the pros and cons of a bridge, I decided to go with the much more expensive route...
root canals for those 2 nubs and then crowns for those nubs and a crown for each tooth on either side of those nubs.

After getting my gums really numb my dentist began cleaning out the canals and nerves of both teeth.
The same basic procedure was done to both of my toothy nubs...a small access hole was drilled in the biting surface of each nub and through this hole the pulp chamber and nerve were totally cleaned out of the tooth.  As it turned out the nerves of my right nub of a tooth was dead and was much easier to deal with than the left toothy nub. The left toothy nub was finally cleaned out. Both teeth had canals filled with root canal fillings and sealers.  Root canal fillings are selected that will exactly into my freshly prepared canals. A rubber like material called gutta-percha was used to fill the canal space. Gutta-percha is a thermoplastic material that was heated and then compressed into and against the walls of the canal to seal them. Adhesive cement called sealer was also compressed into each canal. Between the gutta-percha and the adhesive sealer the canals were sealed thus preventing any bacteria from entering the canal space. 

 Below are some of the various gutta-percha that was used in sealing the cleaned out canal of each toothy nub 
 Both bottom and top impressions were taken...the bottom impression was taken for the making of the crowns and the top impression was made for a new night guard after my crowns have been put on. 
After returning from vacation I will return to the dentist office to have the temporary crowns put on and then a couple of weeks later the permanent crowns will be put on. 
After all of this is said and done I will take another photo showing the difference...the before ad after photos.
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