Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What A Difference 2 weeks Make In A Garden

Well it has been 2 weeks since I posted anything about my garden and since that time everything has really taken off. I have harvested all of my lettuce, some sweet banana peppers and some broccoli. Below is a view of a few of the pots I have on the back deck. They are mostly various styles of pepper plants but I also have a couple of tomato plants and I am actually growing some Stevia...front plant center and the one behind it.

 Some of the pepper plants. One plant has a minimum of 11 peppers on it already

 Now for the raised garden...front left are a couple of sweet pepper plants. Next to them are my broccoli plants. On the right front side used to be my lettuce plants but I harvested them and now there is a zucchini plant...small plant but very fast maturity...30 days. It already has a couple of gold in color zucchinis growing on this small plant. On the rear right side I have 2 different types of tomatoes with quite a few already growing on each plant. There are 2 other larger style zucchini plants next to the tomato plants and then we have my corn on steroids. Some of the stalks are over 6 feet and it is only mid June. That sweet corn sure will be tasty after being harvested.

I bought Veronica 2 hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are one of just a couple of flowers that she really likes. I put them in big planter pots. I decided to practice taking some photos of the hydrangeas using my new camera and here is what I ended up with:
I am going to acidify the soil in the pot to get the flowers blue

 Below are photos taken of the hydrangea that is on our back deck that is also in a large pot

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My First Harvest And A Growth Update On My Garden

My garden is coming along very nicely. Everything is growing very quickly and have started producing some vegetables. I was able to harvest a bunch of baby broccoli already and we ate it last night. There's nothing better than fresh vegges from your own garden.Below are some updated photos of my garden:

My first zucchini
 Sweet peppers are on their way

 I started this Bok Choy in the house and then transplanted it into this pot
 Overall view of my garden
 My head lettuce is just about ready to be harvested

 More zucchini forming
 My sweet corn is really getting high
 My very first tomato

My New Camera Has Arrived

I had been looking at a new camera for a short while and found several possibilities. Then I discovered that Sony came out with a new very much upgraded camera similar to the model I currently have...a Sony RX10. Ever since Veronica purchased this camera for me as a gift I have always felt that the only thing missing from that camera was a longer zoom lens. The RX10 has a 24-200mm equivalent zoom lens.
As a gift Veronica bought me the new Sony RX10-M111(3rd version).
This beauty has the following:

High zoom 24-600mm (25x) F2.4-4.0 ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* lens, 20.1 MP 1" Exmor RS stacked back illuminated CMOS sensor w/ DRAM, 4K movie recording w/ direct pixel readout and no pixel binning
Super slow-motion movie HFR (High frame rate) up to 960 fps (40x), Fast Intelligent AF achieves autofocus as quick as 0.09-sec., Fast response up to 14fps and 1/32000 sec. Anti-Distortion Shutter
Enhanced operability w/ independent focus, zoom and aperture rings, Professional dust/moisture resistant magnesium-alloy body, Bright XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder and Sharp 3" multi-angle LCD

Simple connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi and NFC w/ camera apps

The above are just a few of the specs on this camera. There are many many more.
So after pre-ordering this camera it finally arrived this last Friday. There will be a learning curve on this camera do to the numerous new/upgraded features compared to my "old" camera. 
My first true test with this camera will be at the end of October-mid November when we go back to Paris.
Below are a few photos of my new camera:

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