Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Harvest Time Has Begun

I have been starting to harvest some of the various vegetables that I have grown. I got my first tomatoes off the vine. My baby brocolli has produced quite a bit. I have pulled a few sweet peppers and have a lot more on the vine...just awaiting for them to change color and get sweeter. My oregano and basil are doing great as is my two Stevia plants. I am awaiting for my sweet onions to get bigger along with my small batch of baby carrots. My bannana peppers have grown really big but they are not quite as sweet as I though they would be and they have a little different flavor profile from what I expected from a "sweet" pepper. Veronica and I really did not care for the flavor so I know a few people that would love to have some. I am getting close to harvesting some of the corn that I am growing. It will be a week or two at the most before we will get to bite into some homegrown sweet corn. Yesterday I had trim off some of the large zuchinni leaves and branches. By trimming the big leaves of this plant I discovered a rather large zuchinni. I measured it and it was approximately 11-12".
Below are some photos of different plants that are either in pots on our deck or in my actual garden in the backyard:

 Gold zucchini
 Baby broccoli

 11 inch zucchini

 Firm meaty red tomato

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What A Difference 2 weeks Make In A Garden

Well it has been 2 weeks since I posted anything about my garden and since that time everything has really taken off. I have harvested all of my lettuce, some sweet banana peppers and some broccoli. Below is a view of a few of the pots I have on the back deck. They are mostly various styles of pepper plants but I also have a couple of tomato plants and I am actually growing some Stevia...front plant center and the one behind it.

 Some of the pepper plants. One plant has a minimum of 11 peppers on it already

 Now for the raised garden...front left are a couple of sweet pepper plants. Next to them are my broccoli plants. On the right front side used to be my lettuce plants but I harvested them and now there is a zucchini plant...small plant but very fast maturity...30 days. It already has a couple of gold in color zucchinis growing on this small plant. On the rear right side I have 2 different types of tomatoes with quite a few already growing on each plant. There are 2 other larger style zucchini plants next to the tomato plants and then we have my corn on steroids. Some of the stalks are over 6 feet and it is only mid June. That sweet corn sure will be tasty after being harvested.

I bought Veronica 2 hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are one of just a couple of flowers that she really likes. I put them in big planter pots. I decided to practice taking some photos of the hydrangeas using my new camera and here is what I ended up with:
I am going to acidify the soil in the pot to get the flowers blue

 Below are photos taken of the hydrangea that is on our back deck that is also in a large pot

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