Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yeah Baby!! It's Frog Photography Time!

Today as I was getting ready to start my workout in our garage, I noticed a tree frog hanging around. So I decided to utilize my new friend so that I could get some more practice in trying out some closeup and macro photos. This is what I came up with and please don't forget that you can buy any of these photos as a fine print in various sizes and without the watermark at:
or at

This is the Halloween Frog

Below is a frog with a headache

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boats Docked In A Nearby Canal

This morning I went for my usual walk. It was an overcast day so there not bright sunlight out. My walk usually takes me by a canal that runs adjacent to our neighborhood. Most times the crab fisherman have their boats docked in this canal and they have their crab pots piled high awaiting to be placed on the boats before heading out to set them. This canal leads to the Sound and open water, which is where the crab fishermen usually set their pots. On my walk today I noticed a larger boat docked with the smaller crab boats. This boat appeared to be some type of commercial fishing boat. I decided to make use of the diffused lighting out because of the overcast skies and the additional fishing boat docked in the canal to take some photographs. I took some black and white photos along with my usual color photos. Here are some of each:


Monday, September 15, 2014

Paris Update

We just received our Paris Combo Passes along with all of the other ticket and passes that we purchased. I stayed around the house all day today just to make sure that I did not miss the delivery of these items and I knew that I would have to sign for them.  After purchasing all of the tickets and passes that we wanted, I was able to print off some vouchers from the web site but the rest were shipped to us. Everything came in nice little individual packets. Not much else to get done except pack and that will be done a little closer to our departure date. Only 38 days left to go.
Here are some photos of the packets and contents that were shipped to us:

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