Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Garden In Limbo

On my last post I mentioned that my various garden areas are ready and that I am awaiting two important things...warmer weather and the arrival of my live plants. I have all of my potatoes waiting to be planted and all of my corn and carrot seeds.
Below are photos of my expanded garden area:

Below are the 2 potato bags that I ordered

I have a total of 23 planter pots. The white plastic box that is on the table in the background will be used for some more carrot seeds.

The 3 at the end of this line of pots are larger than the others and will be used for tomato plants. All of the others will be used for an assortment of sweet peppers.

This is the raised garden that I fenced in and put new boards around last year. I just recently placed new landscape plastic down in it to keep the weeds down to a minimum

Below is a garden area that used to have numerous day lillies in it several years ago. It also had a Rose of Sharon small tree/bush that was not doing very well so I pulled it out and put some landscape plastic down. The areas that don't have plastic will be used for carrots and potatoes

These are my customized tomato cages that I will be using for the largest of the tomato plants that I will be growing. Instead of using stakes to hold the cages in place I cut out flaps that lay on top of the plastic and put the bricks on top of the flaps to hold the cages down during windy days and storms.

Today it got up to 37 degrees and the wind was blowing at 20 mph. Tonight we are supposed to drop to 27 degrees. Hopefully warmer weather will be here soon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Garden Is Ready Now Just Awaiting For Spring To Arrive

We had a few warm days so I figured that Spring was close by. Then it turned cold again but at least have have my gardens prepped and ready. I am expanding this years garden and growing only specific veges.
Last year I experimented with vegetables that I have never grown before. Some were hits and some were misses so this year I scaled down on the variety of vegetables that I would grow but expanded on my garden space.
My main garden will be for corn only but I will be planting about 4-5 different types of sweet corn.
I bought my seeds from Burpees this year.
They have a nicer assortment that the seeds sold at Walmart or Home Depot.
I also ordered a bunch of different Sweet Pepper plants that should arrive sometime shortly after 4/10.
The same with the 5 different types of tomato plants.
I got approximately 20 large plant pots to put out on the back deck and I have loaded them up with dirt and fertilizer. Most of the plant pots will contain the sweet pepper plants and a few with have tomatoes in them.
I am also going to plant a few varieties of potatoes...some on the back deck in two potato bag planters and the rest in my new garden area.
I will be planting 3 of the largest tomato plants in my new garden area along with some carrots.
I have another container on the back deck for some more carrots.
I had some spare fencing that I had used to fence around the big garden last year and I cut the leftover fencing into 3 sections and made my own tomato cages for those 3 larger tomato plants.
Everything is all prepared and ready. All I am waiting on is some warmer weather and for the rest of my plants to arrive.
I will take pictures of my new expanded garden space and the plants once I begin to plant.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Time Has Been Flying By And Very Quickly I Might Add

I can't believe it has been so long since my last blog entry and a lot has happened since then.
along with the New Year comes the usual new medical issues. It only took about 4 - 5 months for the positive effects of the RFI...Radio Frequency Ablation on my lower spine to wear off and the pain has come back with a vengeance. I have an appointment setup with the doctor that did my lst procedure to see if I can get it done again. I am hoping that it will last longer than the last procedure but I knew upfront that it wasn't a permanent fix for my back and nerve issues. So with that being said I have made an appointment with a Neurosurgeon to see what permanent options are available to me.
I still am dealing with my other usual daily aches and pains from my chronic bursa issues in my hips along with arthritis in a number of my other joints.
About 2 months ago I had a double hernia repaired via robotic surgery. It was no at all what I was expecting. I looked like someone had beat me with a baseball bat afterwards and the bruising took quite some time to clear up. All has ended well on that issue.
After not being able to do much over the last 3-4 months I have finally started to get back into my workouts and I am awaiting a little warmer weather to start my walking routine again. I am hoping to get back into shape and get some relief from a few of my issues so that I will be able to walk around with less pain for our upcoming 2 week vacation in Venice, Italy. Once again we are renting a apartment in Venice from Airbnb. I got a lightweight travel tripod for Christmas so that I can take some great photos at night while we are in Venice.
I just finished doing a 2 month furniture restoration project. My Grandfather made a cupboard piece by hand probably back in the early 1940s. This piece had not been taken care of well at all. It was out in the garage for quite a few years and then in an attic for several more years. This piece had an upper and lower section. The lower section had 2 solid wooden doors and a shelf dividing the lower section into 2 sections. The upper section had 2 shelves dividing the space into 3 levels. The doors on the top section had framed in glass with thin wood decorative pieces in front of the glass windows.
I ended up taking the glass panels and decorative trim out of the top doors and then I proceeded to strip and sand off the numerous layers of paint that had been applied over the years. This was the worst part of the project and took several days to complete this step. Veronica and I went to Home Depot to figure out what colors to paint the piece. We ended up choosing a grayish colored paint along with a soft yellow contrasting paint. We decided to use handmade punch tin panels to replace the areas where the glass panels had been. We ordered these tin panels online from a place in PA. It took approximately 3 weeks to get them made and sent to us. The panels were recessed down into the top level door sections so I decided to try doing a floating frame type of effect utilizing some painted trim pieces that were raised about 1/4" higher than the recessed tin panels. I also got some custom cut sections of glass to put on top and to protect each wooden shelf. Near the end of the project we went to Hobby Lobby and purchased several types and shapes of wood and metal type of bins/containers that were in various sizes. We bought the bins/containers with the plan of using this piece in our kitchen, in our future forever home. Lastly we bought some pull handles at Hobby Lobby which I painted the grayish contrasting color. I put all of the hardware on  and put the doors back on with new hinges and finally called this project completed yesterday evening. Veronica and I are planning on using this piece in the kitchen of our future forever home. It will be used as a storage unit for anything and everything baking related such as spices, flavorings, cookie molds, jars of sugar, flour, brown sugar etc.
My only regret was that I did not take a couple of photos before I started this project other than the two below which were taken during the project. Those photos will give you a general idea as to what I was working with. Below those 2 photos are the outcome of my finished project.......

Here are two photos showing the old wood decorative trim panel that was in front of the lead glass recessed in the top 2 doors. The trim and led glass were removed and replaced with the hand punched tin panels as seen down below.

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