Our Side Trip To Colmar, France

We spent several days in Paris after our return from visiting Nantes, France. Do to ongoing protests that they have every Saturday in Paris and the fact that the police restrict metro traffic and that some areas are not really all that safe wherever the protesters decide to do their thing, that it can make it difficult to get out and about. Tear gas and water cannons along with burning motorcycles aren't really our thing so we decided to get out of the city.  I got online and purchased train tickets for us to get out of the city on Friday and come back on Sunday thus we left before all of the excitement begins and return after it all ends...at least for the weekend.
So we decided that we would go to Colmar. France, which is East and fairly close to the border of Germany. We had been there on a rather brief excursion this last Sept when we were on a river cruise/land tour. We had talked about possibly going back for an extended visit but did not really think it would be happening this soon. European train travel sure makes it nice and easy to get wherever you want to go...a very relaxing way to see the countryside while on your way to exciting destinations.
We stayed at the Hotel St. Martin for 2 nights while we were in Colmar. Here are some photos of the hotel which takes up sections of 2 buildings.

Below are various photos from Colmar

These young ladies belong to the Angry Mannequins Club

This building appeared to be caving into itself

This street performer was excellent

Canal scenes are from the La Petite Venice section of Colmar

After spending 3 days and 2 nights in Colmar we took a train back to Paris. We stayed in Paris for a couple of more days before having to take our flight back home.So what is next for us...A Baltic cruise and a return trip to Venice. 

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