Part 1 Of The Venice, Italy Photos

This is part 1 of several post that will include approximately 600 plus photos from Veronica and my most recent trip to Venice, Italy in May of this year...2017. Although I took quite a number of architectural photos like I usually do I also tried to take many depicting the lives of those that live on the islands that make up Venezia, Murano and Burano and the sevestieres or neighborhoods that are within these areas.
Below is an apartment that we rented, which was listed on Airbnb, from a super nice hostess named Chiara. Here is a link to her apartment...Da Chiara

 And now for some photos from around the Venice area

 Below are some very well protected clothes

 Venetian still life

 The entrance to our apartment is the first door of the light beige building just beyond the hard to see archway between the two buildings

 Across the quiet canal from our apartment

 We would see the beautiful boats everywhere on all of the canals in Venezia

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