Photos From Our Most Recent Vacation In Paris Part 1

Well I finally got to the point that I am able to post many of my photos from our most recent trip to Paris, France back in late October/ early November.
Here is the room that Veronica booked for us at the Crowne Plaza in Herndon, VA. She booked a room for the night before we were scheduled to fly out and a night after we returned. We got a free breakfast for each night we stayed there and the best thing of all...we got to park our vehicle on property in their concrete garage. I ended up getting a parking space 3 spaces from the rear entrance and it cost us nothing extra. One of the perks for staying there. I am sure that we will be staying there for future International trips. A really nice room too and access to a special room for those staying on the hotels top floor. This special room has snacks, drinks and a large screen tv.  

A foggy day in Paris
 Paris has some of the most beautiful architecture that you could possibly want to see
 Below is one of the beautiful fountains and parks in Paris

 Below are some photos of the beauty of Sainte-Chapelle..a Gothis style church in the medieval Palais de la Cite

 Various photos of the sights to be seen in Paris

 Below is Place Saint Michel which is a public place in the Latin Quarter

 An unusual restaurant
 Small fountains dot the city

This is the end of part 1

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