Day #9 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #1

Today we got up early in anticipation of our private guided tour of the Amalfi Coast. After grabbing a quick bite to eat we quickly headed out to meet our guide for the day, who was waiting for us on the pier where our ship was docked. Before we knew it we were on our way. ***Due to the large number of photos that were taken of the Amalfi Coast area I have divided 1 huge post into 3 smaller posts so that the photos would load up faster. Please feel free to click on any of the photos to get an enlarged view.

This massive building looks like an old fortress which could be easily seen from where our ship was docked
Today it was overcast and a little cool. We even had a few sprinkles while we were visiting the Amalfi Coast. On our way to Ravello our vehicle climbed a mountain and during our travels back down we caught glimpses of Minori and Atrani. We headed down the other side of the mountain enroute to Amalfi.

 Our first stop was in Ravello which sits high in the hills above Amalfi. From Ravello you can get subperb views up and down the Amalfi Coast. 

 Local neighbors stop to chat

 Terraced fields and hillside homes dot the landscape

 You could actually see the clouds floating over and through the hills and down into the valleys below. It is kind of cool when you are high enough up to be literally in the clouds

 This cat just sat there posing as I took several photos of it 


 Whatcha mean I don't get any pizza until I pose for pictures!? 

 There were these 2 churches way up the side of a steep cliff...there are actually rock stairs to climb up and reach these two buildings

  Another view of these cliff hugger churches

Now we have gone down the other side of the mountain and are heading to Amalfi  

We head down the mountains to reach our next destination...the town of Amalfi
Stay tuned for part #2 

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