Last Port Of Call On Our 2015 Med Cruise- Katakolon, Greece Part #2

Here are more photos taken during our day in Katakolon, Greece:

You can see the piles of trash alongside the road

This is the "fun train" that we took a ride on

This was one of the most interesting buildings that I found on our least it was to me. Tango anyone???

 This must be part of the train depot

Below is a "Bear Bike" I had seen something like this once before in Copenhagen. The one in Copenhagen was round but the premise was the same. Everyone on the "bike" pedals and of course you need fuel and that's where the beer comes in. It was only 5 euros so there must have been a limit on the beer

A restaurant and musician along the water front promenade

The Beer Bike was set up right outside of the restaurant

Here is Veronica relaxing after a busy day in Katakolon

Unfortunately our cruise ends tomorrow morning. We will need to get up early and try to be in the front of the line so that we can get on the first shuttle heading to the Marco Polo Airport

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