Day At Sea And On Our Way To Corfu, Greece

Today is Sunday, October 4th and it is a Day at Sea for us so we wont be in a port today. We are heading towards Corfu, Greece and we should be there tomorrow morning.
I did get the chance to take just a few photos today. At times the sea was extremely calm and glass. While day dreaming staring out upon the sea I noticed out of the corner of my eye something jumping out of the water off in the distance. Then I saw several more splashes. Although these splashes and jumps were a ways off I tried to catch a few of them with my camera. I was lucky enough to get a few photos of these jumpers...possibly dolphins. I apologize for the quality of these   jumping fish photos. They were pretty far off so I was lucky to get what I did:


 I call this one "Endless Daydream"

The sun was very bright when I took these but I tried to cool them down just a bit

Next stop is Corfu, Greece. See you there!

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