Back In Venice After The First Week Of Our Cruise Part 2

Today is Saturday, October 3rd and our cruise ship has returned and docked back in Venice. Some people on the cruise will be leaving us after their week long cruise, while others of us like ourselves will be continuing on for the 2nd week of our back to back cruise.
We woke up early this morning and I went out to our balcony in order to take some early morning photographs as our cruise ship entered Venice.
After taking some photos we went to get some breakfast before getting in line to depart our ship as soon as we could.
We planned on spending as much time in Venice as possible because we had to be back on board before 5pm, for our 6pm sail off out of Venice to start the second week of our 2 week cruise. We would be stopping off at several Greek Islands.
This would probably be the last time that we would be in Venice for several years and maybe for good, so we wanted to make the most of our day there.
I ended up taking more than 500 photos throughout the course of the morning, day and evening. Because of the number of photographs I will be dividing this post into 3 parts so that the photos will load up quicker. So with that being said let's continue with our days worth of activities - Part #2:

The canal that runs under the Bridge Of Sighs
The Bridge Of Sighs

Working in Venice

Drying clothes in the open air

We brought home a big chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from the small well know store in Venice. While we were in there some locals came into the store and patiently waited while the owner hand cut a large chunk into 2 smaller chunks and trimmed our chunks of cheese. He then vacuumed sealed our bags of cheese s that we could bring it home with us. We have used this cheese several times and the taste is so much better than the store bought kind....there is just no comparison. 

This is the Alta Aqua Libraria or Bookshop in Venice. We had read about  it before our vacation started and it was on our list of things to see and do. 

This bookstore was the most eclectic that we have ever seen. It was packed not only with books of every kind but also of different objects of art and other oddities. The aisles were small and tight so it got congested in the store rather quickly but everyone took their turns walking through and looking at the books and eclectic items

There were back rooms just piled high with stacks of books

This is the back entrance if coming by boat via the small canal that is behind the store

There was like a little open aired patio area in the back of the store too. 
There were stacks of books piled high that were used as steps that led you to a view of the canal behind the building. I carefully climbed the steps to the top....

and this was the views that I got from my higher up book perch

Scenes from the open air patio

Another back room loaded with stacks of books

I tried to do some different things with a closed gate that led into a courtyard and some private residences

I thought that this would make a really cool photo especially when it is enlarged

Ahhh...the smells of the fish market

This concludes part #2 of our day in Venice. Part #3 with be forthcoming in the near future

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