Had Me Worried For A Moment

After returning home from Paris, I now had the daunting task of reviewing and posting the almost 5,000 photos that I had taken while we were there. I placed my 64GB SD card in my card reader and selected all, then copy and then pasted them into a folder on my desk top. Same as I always do. Unfortunately this time I could only get about 1/2 of the photos copied off of the SD card. All of a sudden I could not find any photos listed on the SD card and was told that I needed to format the SD card and that the files...photos on it were corrupt and I could not access them. Oh crap...all of those beautiful photos were gone...or at least I thought they were. I was smart enough not to format the card because I knew that would erase all photos that were on the card as well as diminish the chances of me retrieving them via alternative options and measures. While I was dealing with these issues, Veronica was looking up programs that could retrieve files and photos off of corrupted disks and SD cards. Veronica found a program that got great reviews from others that had similar problems as I was having and that had used this program. I gave the program a try and voila...it actually worked. I was able to retrieve each and every photo and movie that was "lost" on this corrupted SD card. If this ever happens to you...DON'T format the SD card and try the following program. You will download the free limited version. The free version will go through your CD card and find the photos/movies that can be recovered. After providing you with a list you will have the option to buy the program. If you buy it...$39.99, it will give you a product key that you paste in the appropriate box and it will unlock the program thus allowing you to obtain the listed photos/movies. The program is then your to keep and use indefinitely. It is not a one time use program. I was able to retrieve each and every photo/movie off of my corrupted SD card even after I checked and nothing showed up as being on the SD card. If you ever find yourself in this situation I highly recommend this program......
Card Recovery. It truly works. I am now doing the happy dance. Tomorrow I start going through and reviewing each and every photo taken including the ones Veronica took. In all I will be looking at over 10,000 photos. Yes folks you read that correctly...over 10,000. My eyes are already starting to hurt just thinking about it.

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