Day 4 Of Our Pigeon Forge Vacation

Last night we had some storms come through the area. We woke up to a cloudy dreary day and they were forecasting a chance of rain throughout the day.
Veronica and I decided to take it easy today and stay in the cabin most of the day. We did go out long enough to visit a local market. This store was really cool and carried a lot of items that you don't find at most stores.
While there I bought a nice steak for dinner. We had previously purchased purchased some pork chops so that I could make Veronica a breaded pork tenderloin. We bought several pieces of Lodge cast iron cookware at the Lodge Outlet store in Sevierville. We will use the Lodge cookware to fry the pork tenderloin and steak in. Veronica will fry up some potatoes and onions to go with the rest of our meal. A couple of dips in the hot tub along with maybe renting a movie online will round out our day.
It is supposed to be nice the rest of the week.
Tomorrow we plan to get up early and go out for breakfast at the Apple Barn restaurant before heading over to The Island and riding the large ferris wheel there.
Then we might head over to the Arts and Crafters Loop that is near Gatlinburg. From there who knows where we will head off to.

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